Jonesboro Mayor Screams Racism

Public Hearing

Saying “the slaves has always had a problem understanding the slave-masters,” not only did controversial Town of Jonesboro mayor Leslie Thompson play the race card at last night’s Board of Aldermen meeting, he threw the whole deck on the table.

He asserted the budget issues were a “cultural clash,” instead of about money, and there were “problems making adjustments.”

However, he wasn’t the first. From a careful review of the tapes of last night’s meeting it appears District D Alderman Devin Flowers was the first to claim racism, immediately after attorney Bobby Culpepper finished his public statement regarding his promise to litigate if a budget amendment was adopted.

During a comment from Alderman-At-Large LaStevic Cottonham, Flowers can be clearly heard saying “race” when Cottonham asked Culpepper what the lawsuit was really about.

Also quick to throw out the race card was Jackson Parish NAACP head Wendy Calahan.

Among her comments made were, “Do you really want to talk about budgets?” “We have problems, Mr. D. J., at the banks; we have problems when we go to other stores in the area.” “We have problems, have had problems, will continue to have problems between black folk and white folk,” she added.

Her tirade was in response to local banker D. J. Allen’s attempts to steer the discussion back on track to the subject of the hearing, ordinance #700 and #701.

There was some improvement, however. The mayor only took up about two-thirds of the public hearing with his commentary, unlike last month when he took up almost all the time at a similar meeting for which the public was supposed to be allowed input.

Thompson did swerve into one likely undisputed fact. “I’m trying to figure out what in the heck is going on,” he said toward the end of the public hearing.

Regular Meeting

The rhetoric cooled a bit during the regular meeting of the board. The department reports were uneventful and the alleyway ordinance introduction was table until next meeting, so that further details on descriptions could be worked out.

Ordinance #702 to reset the meeting times to 6:00 P. M. passed unanimously.

However, the #700 ordinance for budget modifications (upon which the public hearing had been held) was amended again prior to adoption. No opportunity for public participation was allowed, and at least two of the aldermen had not seen any of the figures in the budget amendments.

It passed on a 3-2 vote with Flowers, Charla Thompson and Cottonham voting for, and Sam Lamkin and Renee Stringer voting no.

Lamkin had tried unsuccessfully to table the ordinance until such time as the town’s books could be straightened out, but the motion died for lack of a second.

Likewise, ordinance #701, the one that doubles the mayor’s salary, passed on a three to two vote.

Also approved was a proposed settlement of unpaid leave and comp time for former Fire Chief David Roberts, and permission to hire a contract CPA. The money terms for the CPA are yet to be determined.

The Executive and The Law

So the administration of the Town of Jonesboro continues to flout the law and spend the taxpayer’s money apparently however it sees fit.

Public officials often see themselves as above the law, and not answerable to the public, or the rules they are sworn to uphold.

One of the most famous examples was former President Richard Nixon, who is remembered for this timeless quote: “Well, when the President does it that means that it is not illegal.”

We all know how that one turned out.

Some Background

See here some history from when the ordinances were first introduced at the January meeting.

If an ordinance proposed at Tuesday night’s Town of Jonesboro Board of Aldermen is adopted at the February meeting of the board, the salary for controversial Mayor Leslie Thompson will be doubled, from $35 thousand/year to $70 thousand/year.

Also introduced at last night’s meeting was a revised budget undoing almost all of the work done last fall by the previous board of aldermen.

In addition to the doubling of the mayor’s salary, other changes include increasing the mayor’s travel budget from $1 thousand to $5 thousand; adding $12.5 thousand to ‘entertainment & marketing’; and adding $5.5 thousand to ‘town development.’

The $190 thousand contingency line item was wiped out.

24 Responses to “Jonesboro Mayor Screams Racism”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    what was said on david roberts and his severance package???

  2. anonymous Says:

    Why don’t you go to the tape, it will be on thetruthatjonesboro ?

  3. anonymous Says:

    Watch channel 10, they have the answer you are looking for, you should be able to see it at 12:00.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    like i want to set and listen to the crap on that tape…my concern was david not “da mayar”.. im just glad i dont live in jungleboro anymore

    • anonymous Says:

      well, if you want facts, you can fast forward and get them.

    • Icaredon'tyou? Says:

      Please do not add to the rhetoric “Anonymous”. Please educate yourself and stop making racist comments. This issue is not about race and the mayor has done a great job making sure that it is about race. These remarks give legitimacy to his claim.

  5. Former resident Says:

    I saw the title of this article and before I even read it my thought was “of course it (the race card) was”. He doesn’t know how to sit through a meeting without playing the race card. If there is anything, one single little thing that doesn’t go his way he acts like a spoiled undisciplined child and starts screaming “this is because I’m s po ole black man” blah blah blah. How about stop using that worn out argument and start using real facts and information. You would be taken far more seriously A-1!

  6. Albymyself Says:

    I have a lot of questions today. How many white folk in Jonesboro own slaves today? What makes you think black folk don’t treat white folk rudely when we go into the businesses everyday? At what point and time do you think that has any business being discussed at last nights meeting? Is your thinking so deluded that ,in your mind, you believe that no black folk are against the mayor? Do you think that black folk should not have to live by the laws of this land? What is your point? You don’t have one so you scream racism to try take the focus off the real issues. It won’t work this time. They broke the law and they will be punished by that law.

  7. Justin Says:

    Anonymous, we are also glad you don’t live in Jonesboro anymore. Tend to the animals in your trailer in Bawcomville and stop posting on here!

  8. Albymyself Says:

    Hey, Walter did Mr. Culpepper file the lay suit this morning?

  9. jake Says:

    well we know flowers is a family member of thompson,and another one is as well so he has his whole ass kissing family on the counsel,im really sick and tired of hearing thompson and his family make racist remarks when he doesnt get his way

  10. your neighbor Says:

    well hello jake,lets get the record straight,mr. flowers is not kin to mayor thompson,nor a family member ok,get your facts straight, jake i know he is a good christian man ,and he will do what right for the town,u need to call him and talk to him very smart,city hall has his number .

    • Hobo Says:

      Ha ! If “Mr. Flowers” was going to do the right thing for the town , he would have showed it at the meeting by voting “NO” on the budgit and the mayors raise ! Seems to me you and Mr. Flowers are the ones that don’t have your facts straight ! For being a Christian , just because you say you are on Sunday don’t mean you are the other six days of the week ! As for “Calling” the town hall to talk about the business end of the town , people are better off talking to a mud duck in the town sewer pond !

    • jake Says:

      well neighbor or who ever you are mr flowers is feeding you a line of crape!! cause i know someone who worked with him at cca prission in winfield and told them he was leslie,s if you beleave him then your like the rest of the counsel,so dont tell me im wrong or get my facts straight cause i know for sure. it seems your the one who doesnt know what they are talking about

    • anonymous Says:

      if you were at the meeting and watched the behavior of a particular council member, standing and screaming, muttering and acting out while others had the floor to speak……..that totally contradicts your wonderful description.

  11. Jason Says:

    Smart? I think not. Playing the race card shows his ignorance and the fact that he is racist himself. Only a dumbass could not see the malfeasance that has been taking place in this town. This is gonna be great when the mayor and his rubber stamp threesome all get locked up.

    • Jumpin Jack Flash Says:

      Can’t wait for the wheels of justice to grab them and dress them in prison orange!

      • JusMe Says:

        How bout publishing a full color slick finish hand out for the people of Jonesboro of the attired in prison orange. Surely it won’t cost anymore than Mayor Thompson spent on his previously “hand-out” touting his successes and accomplishments!!! Haha what a joke!

  12. dm Says:

    have ya’ll heard of spell check? I understand that you are trying to voice your opinion, but it makes you look really bad that you can’t spell “law” and ‘prison’ and budget… I was born in Jonesboro and find this all very interesting.. but no matter what… it will ALL come out in the wash. It always does…. so if they are hiding something or not hiding anything, it will be told in the financials. I would not think that the town of Jonesboro would have that kind of budget to pay the mayor $70K and then all the increase in expenses he is requesting. A cost of living payraise is one thing, but in today’s economy, doubling a salary is unheard of, even in a small town.

  13. im not from jonesboro Says:

    would u please leave alone,this man is not lesile cousin,ok ,u need to meet the man and talk to him he is a good person.

    • outoftowner Says:

      Just how “good” can one be that would stand and “SCREAM” at the top of his lungs, how “good” can one be that would disrespect people that had the floor to speak? If anyone else had acted like he did when he spoke, he would have exploded. Cameras will be there next time and all the world will get to see just how “good” everyone is and just how bizarre their behavior is when a simple question is asked or a statement is made that does not fit into their AGENDA.

  14. Jason Says:

    Do good people intentionally violate the law right after they’ve been informed that what they are about to do is illegal? Just another one of thompson’s dingleberries.

  15. JustReading Says:

    Does anyone know where Mr. Culpepper is on his promise to file charges of malfeasance?

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