Jonesboro Mayor’s Salary to be Doubled

If an ordinance proposed at Tuesday night’s Town of Jonesboro Board of Aldermen is adopted at the February meeting of the board, the salary for controversial Mayor Leslie Thompson will be doubled, from $35 thousand/year to $70 thousand/year.

See here the proposed ordinance.

Also introduced at last night’s meeting was a revised budget undoing almost all of the work done last fall by the previous board of aldermen.

2010-2011 budget, revised
2010-2011 budget, as adopted

In addition to the doubling of the mayor’s salary, other changes include increasing the mayor’s travel budget from $1 thousand to $5 thousand; adding $12.5 thousand to ‘entertainment & marketing’; and adding $5.5 thousand to ‘town development.’

The $190 thousand contingency line item was wiped out.

42 Responses to “Jonesboro Mayor’s Salary to be Doubled”

  1. Jim Schmidt Says:

    I am outraged and insulted! There are several other words that come to mind too: Arrogance & Greed, Stupidity, and Apathy & Unconcern.

    Arrogance & Greed on the part of Mayor Thompson
    Stupidity on the part of the Council for allowing themselves to be led by the nose
    Apathy & Unconcern on the part of the voters in Jonesboro

    I have serious doubt that the duties and responsibilities of the Mayor deserve $70,000 per year. Even if this were the case, we should not reward incompetence with a raise. Mayor Thompson has not demonstrated any competence at all in overseeing the Town’s business affairs.

    The Legislative Auditors have not even completed their work to determine the level of fraud and malfisance and he wants more money because he thinks he is worth it? Ridiculous!

    I don’t see how those who re-elected him can justify these actions.

    OK folks, this is how I feel about it-How do you feel?

  2. Renee Stringer Says:

    I am not led by the nose, wasn’t led the last four years, won’t be led the next four years. Outrage can be defined by numerous actions or inaction by countless individuals that sit by in the shadows calculating their moves like a Chess match, with each move that is made benefiting themselves and their cronies, totally ignoring and having any regard for the law or the people their actions affect. Apathy and Unconcern in the Town of Jonesboro is a two way street, it just depends WHO is walking in which lane as to just how much (attention) or (blindness) is turned toward the individual. We will never see change in this Town until EVERYONE, not just select people, but EVERYONE that has been a party to the Corruption that has plagued this Town for years has to experience the Criminal Justice System. Good luck with that idea though, again, selectiveness prevails and thrives in Jonesboro.

  3. Jim Schmidt Says:

    Renee-I did not mean to imply that every council member is being led. But I’m afraid that the majority will be. Thanks for your lone voice of reason. Your work is cut out for you now. Many of us support your efforts.
    Thank you.

  4. as i see it Says:

    Why should his pay be doubled.What about the other workers? With way things are he shouldnt get a pay hike.What was it with having his pic up on wall up town.Sure am glad its down.He is no better than anyone else .Guess just like to toot his own horn

  5. Anonymous Says:

    yes but she went right along with the fire chief vote…maybe she has been bought too??

    • yesindeedy Says:

      you should know, you were, oh forgot, they are still paying you…..every election.

      • Anonymous Says:

        FYI im not on a board or council..i was there at council meeting. she seconded the recomendation of the mayor and voted yes for the new fire chief.. and until you put on the bunker gear, pick up a fire hose and risk you life going into a burning structure you dont have a right to tell me or any other fireman who is the best pick for fire chief of Jonesboro.

        • yesindeedy Says:

          FYI-go to and hear the TRUTH, she did not make the second on the motion, she merely voted. So go find someone else to blame for your drama. By the way FYI, one vote does not make a decision, so again, find another scapegoat.

        • ratings Says:

          how long have you been a volunteer? Were you partially responsible for the Fire Rating issue ? Since you are so busy placing blame, why not step up to the plate and take responsibility for the Fire Rating loss by the Fire Department or is your memory selective? Who are you to tell me I have to pay higher premiums because YOU lost the fire rating, as you say, until you put on my shoes and work for my living, you cannot tell me I have to pay higher premiums because you didn’t do your job.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    This is very interesting. Renee you want everyone to believe you have the best interest of the town and you stand up and fight for want is right? I know for a fact that your choice for the new fire chief is not the best for the town and I think you know this too. I was there when you fought against the Mayor on the computer incident at the fire dept and now you are supporting it. All I can say is shame, shame and it appears the majority of the Town of Jonesboro is having their way.

    • Blackcat Says:

      Looks like the whole board is a rubber stamp

    • Karen Says:

      Why is Renee always the one who is attacked when things go south? I remember the computer incident too. However, which is the lesser of two evils? At this point, I don’t think either of them are the best option but more like the only options. So do you go with computer incident or fire rating loser and the one who drives the fire chief truck all over louisiana at our (tax payer) expense. I don’t know how I would have voted in her shoes given those options. I am sure you are probably one of the people who have been against her all along and love nothing better than to castigate her over everything.

      The thing is we have a new fire chief and we need to deal with it like it or not. So instead of being a kitty cat and running away, suck it up and deal with it. Or were you guys only firemen when your buddy was in charge?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    yep, i think the council is like the people of jonesboro, they are getting what they want

  8. Stacy Says:

    Why do some assume “we” the people of Jonesboro are getting what we want. I do not want any of these changes the mayor and his cronies are continually passing! I sit here and think things are obviously out of my or any citizens control. What can we do? The outside officials have been called and I still see no difference in the way business is being conducted at town hall. Four more years of this…can we afford to give the mayor a salary of $70 thousand dollars..Hell NO!…does he deserve it ABSOLUTELY NOT! Very sad situation indeed. Four more years of this and there will be no more of the Jonesboro we grew up in!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Stacy that is the point i’m making (Four more years of this and there will be no more of the Jonesboro we grew up in!) There already is no more of the Jonesboro we grew up in and loved. The majority of the people left in Jonesboro that can vote are getting what they want. For too many years local politicians have given Leslie money to get the vote out for them and now they are returning the favor by letting him get away with whatever he wants. What makes me so mad about this is the fact that so many of us voted for and supported these politicians that have given Leslie money and we didn’t know or want to know about it because we were getting the DA, the Congressman, the State Representative that we wanted.

  9. Albymyself Says:

    Do you people really listen to yourselves? None of you are sticking to the real subject or problem. Let the childish,nitpicking cease and talk about a way to stop this craziness. You can’t make a fire chief come to work if he doesn’t want to. Personally I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t work for Jonesboro either. What you need to worry about is the fact that we only have 4 of the 16 volunteer firemen left.
    How about being a city employee and being on the city council. That is like. Think I’ll be mayor and sit on the city council.
    $190,000.00 contingency line item thrown out the window.
    Raise,cellphones,watch porn on city time. Now u have things to discuss.

  10. Karen Says:

    I am curious as to how he came to the $70k conclusion. No other mayor in Jackson Parish makes that amount. Did he give any reason for that big of a jump?

  11. the truth Says:

    he’s deserve that amount ,because of what he’s putting up with these nuts and rasicts people around jonesboro,let i said if he was in a white man body it wouldn’t be any problem or if he’s was a puppet on a string for u all ,it still wouldn’t be a promblem,i going to warn u all now,if anybody messing with the mayor or his staff u all will have to be answer , just be careful what u say and do,because he has family and people that love him as well and if don’t like the job hes doing then move to quitman or weston were u running any way.

    • InnocentBystander Says:

      Pot calling the kettle black….
      Btw you love threatening people on here. Who the hell do you think you are? Are you un-touchable?

  12. Karen Says:

    Are you insane or just illiterate?

  13. the truth Says:

    no miss karen im not insane or illiterate ,u must be ,u need look around town , and u will see some change and there are more to come ,so do u live in jonesboro, by the way,i am a college graduate,i earned my degree from a white university called ulm in monroe,in business adminstration.

    • InnocentBystander Says:

      From all your help “Truth” the change is called slumlord. And last I looked ULM was hardly “white”.

  14. Karen Says:

    Mr Abbott,

    What was the salary in previous years for mayors of Jonesboro? I know it was rolled back at one point. Are you able to publish previous salaries?

    • Walter Abbott Says:

      According to the budgets from the past two years, it was $35 thousand/year. I don’t have the information on what the previous mayor’s salary was.

  15. Albymyself Says:

    Once again off the subject on to the racial issues. I don’t care about your threats. This is a business issue. Stick to the subject at hand. NO, he does not deserve that kind of salary because he has done nothing positive for this town and he is a lousy businessman.
    News flash for you. When you are in the business of making money and decisions that concern all the employees you have no right to mishandle the money or ignore the advice of your board of directors. In this case it is the city council. I would like also like to address the issue of your college degree. Because you have a degree from a white college doesn’t make one bit of difference to anyone. I don’t care what color you are.
    Get off that soap box and add some constructive ideas to the conversation.

  16. Karen Says:

    I have been looking at budgets for the town dating back to 1997 on the state website. The executive salary in 1997 was 41800. How did it drop to 35k for the next adminstration? That is almost 7k. Who came up with the tiered pay and why?

    • Walter Abbott Says:

      The prior ordinance that set the pay was tiered for first term, second term, third term and so on. If/when a new mayor was elected, the salary reset to the first term salary.

      • Karen Says:

        When was that ordinance done? It hasn’t always existed. What brought about the change? Why aren’t aldermen tiered? It just seems like a way to discourage challengers.

        Are other towns I’m this parish set up that way?

  17. Karen Says:

    The thing is it isn’t a matter of whether he deserves it. It is a matter of whether the position of Mayor,regardless of who it is, should be paid that much (70,000). I don’t think so; but
    It should definitely be more than 35,000. If it was almost 42,000 over ten years ago it should have at least stayed that way. And by now, 14 years later it should be around 50k. But that is my opinion.

  18. Albymyself Says:

    I understand what you are saying Karen but he ran for this office not once but twice knowing the salary he would be making.

    • Karen Says:

      True. But if you see my point then you also see the way it was done wasn’t necessarily right. I don’t approve of what has been going on; but maybe it is time someone challenged the status quo. Perhaps with a higher salary we could draw better qualified individuals to run.

      In the meantime I don’t see how we can prevent this astronomical raise from happening. My hope is they all wake up and realize the town cannot sustain that much and dial it back.

  19. Our Children First Says:

    Is the Governor watching all this unfold? Can our state representative and senator help us? Does the governor and president know about this website? They should because it shows that we as citizens are not in control of the things going on in town. I think we need more than an auditor in town at this point.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I don’t know about the president, the governor or the senator but our representative is part of the problem. Ask ole Jim how much money he gave Leslie. Leslie got so many of the local politicans elected so now he owns them.

  20. former resident Says:

    what happened to former clerk, Vickie Stephens?

  21. Anonymous Says:

    My girl,deserve a Lexus, so get money

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