Controversial GNLCDC Land Sale Tabled

GNLCDC Land Sale

The controversial sale of about 3 1/2 acres of land to the Greater North Louisiana Community Development Corporation (GNLCDC) from the Town of Jonesboro was delayed at last night’s board of aldermen meeting, due to questions about the exact amount of the sale.

A resolution was presented “authorizing correction and ratification of the prior conveyance,” but the actual sale price had been left blank. When asked by a reporter from Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) what was the exact sale price, no one could answer.

The town’s legal counsel Doug Stokes advised the mayor and board that such a resolution would likely be illegal. After several minutes of discussion and cursory calculations as to what the price should be, the board tabled the issue until the sale price could be pinned down.

See here earlier LPNO news accounts on the issue.

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Town Officers

At the beginning of the meeting, town officers were appointed as follows:

Town Clerk: Melba Holland
Fire Chief: Mark Treadway
Public Works Director: Tim Ashcraft
Town Attorney: Douglas Stokes
City Magistrate: Yumeaka Washington

3 Responses to “Controversial GNLCDC Land Sale Tabled”

  1. Thurston Allen Says:

    Does anyone have a copy of the two original appraisals. I understand that the originals are irrelevant because we are talking about a different piece of property, but I’m just curious to see it if it is available out there.

  2. Curious Says:

    Can anyone explain why the action taken by the previous Board of Aldermen regarding the sale of the land was not recognized or acted upon by the Town’s Attorney? I understand that he provided them with a remedy to the issue and they voted on it at his instruction and it was never acted upon, how is this legal? I noticed in the meeting he stated he never received anything on that action, who was responsible for that? If he was the one that was in the meeting and gave the directions, did he not know what was acted upon? It appears that someone was holding the action until the new board came on in order to provide exactly was wanted in the first place. Do you think anyone will look at this? Do you think the new Board understands the Right of First Refusal? Why not just save the taxpayers another boat load of legal fees and DONATE the ENTIRE INDUSTRIAL PARK? Then they could move on to something more productive like an inventory of all property and donate it parcel by parcel and then have an auction and donate all the movables…….sure would save a lot of time and money…….just a thought!

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