Why We Do What We Do

Today’s editorial in The (Monroe) News-Star is one of the reasons we do what we do.

Council must meter the facts

Governmental activist Byrd Minter also has raised so many questions about water metering and devoted so much time to studying the system over the years that both newspaper reporters and council members almost hate to see him coming.

In other words, taxpaying citizens who want answers from the government they pay for are malcontents who should just shut up and pay their taxes. The decisions on where and how taxpayer money should be spent are to be left to the public’s betters.

This comes from a newspaper who’s executive editor has a husband on the government payroll at ULM.

We know Byrd Minter – Byrd Minter is a friend of ours and he’s not afraid to confront out-of-control government and ask questions.

In all the coverage the News-Star claims to have done on this issue, has anyone at the newspaper ever asked the simple question of how much citizen’s water bills will increase? City Hall “reporter” Stacy Temple sure hasn’t.

So we here at Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) will continue to ask the hard questions, dig up the campaign finance records, look at the laws – all the stuff the newspapers won’t do because they’re in bed with government.

Our friend Moon Griffon long ago tagged Gannett’s Capital Bureau reporter Mike Hasten as “Deputy Press Secretary for Government.”

Spot on.

One Response to “Why We Do What We Do”

  1. Renee Stringer Says:

    Keep on doing what you do, there is no one else that asks the simple questions that require accountability by Government officials. Thank you for what you do, and keep up the good work!

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