City of Monroe’s Governmental Crisis Grows

When it rains, it pours.

On top of the two KTVE-TV10 news stories about potential fraud in the City of Monroe’s government, there is this blowup in the Monroe Police Department.

Two Ex-SNAP Members File Complaint Against Chief Herbert Otwell

Two ex-SNAP team members, once the focus of an excessive force investigation, have filed a grievance complaint with the mayor’s office against interim Chief Herbert Otwell.

The complaint, filed by Alaric Coleman and Scott Martinez, alleges that Chief Otwell is investigating them unfairly.

Here are the two news stories from yesterday.

On The Streets – Monroe Payroll Investigation

Alleged Payroll Fraud in Monroe’s Engineering Department

On that – the engineering department controversy – there is today this in The (Monroe) News-Star.

OT policy in city department under review

Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo is reviewing the way the Engineering Department handles overtime pay following a dispute between employees.

The dispute came about after an employee in the Human Resources Department said he found questionable overtime pay while attempting to determine if the employee in question was eligible for disability pay.

And the old reliable, the saga of the water meters continues to bubble up.

Bidder questions water meter deal

A Louisiana business owner is disputing the recommendation of Van Guard Utility Service Inc. of Kentucky as the company to install the city of Monroe’s automated water meter system.

Here are previous Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) water meter news stories.

Water Rates on Monroe City Council Agenda

Minter in for the Long Haul

Monroe Water/Sewer Rate Study on Agenda

Minter Stops AMR @ Monroe City Council

Water Meter Ordiance on Monroe Council Agenda

Minter Challenges Monroe’s Water Meter Plan

And while we’re on the subject of Monroe’s dysfunctional government, don’t forget about these two legal issues that are not going away.

Two Monroe, Louisiana City Councilmen Indicted for Racketeering and Extortion

Onyemechara Trial Delayed Four Months

Monroe Tax Collector Trial in Two Weeks

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