Ouachita Sheriff Toney Named in Divorce Action

Ouachita Parish Sheriff Royce Toney has been named in the divorce petition of another couple. See the Daisy O’Donnel news story at KTVE-TV10.

Sheriff Named in Divorce Petition

See the documents here.

Petition for Divorce

5 Responses to “Ouachita Sheriff Toney Named in Divorce Action”

  1. Paula Says:

    Oh wow, is all I have to say about this, especially the part that happened on March 6 when mr Searcy was shot, I hope everyone sees this, and remembers it when they decide to vote at the next election

  2. Mikey Says:


  3. Mikey Says:

    Can he be registered as a sex offender now?

    • Anonymous Says:

      No, but he can be registered as a dumbshit. Let’s see, bet Mahaffey and Royce will try to divert attention elsewhere. Just wait and see. One thing is for sure, the little cocky bastard won’t be around for a while. I hope the Culp man takes his head off.

  4. Clincher Says:

    Wow, how quick we are to believe bad things about someone. She was scared for two years, aw come on people. Did it occur to you that she is wife number two for him and that he has a history of being abusive? Did it occur to anyone that after originally deniying the affair she might have changed her story to inflict hurt and pain upon Mr. Culp?

    I think I’ll wait for Mr. Culp to publish documentable “racy or incriminating” text messages or emails. Notice I said documentable, meaning the service provider can go to court or a deposition and testify that they are true and accurate copies.

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