Bruno’s ULM Contract

The employment contract between Nick Bruno and the University of Louisiana System (ULS) shows a yearly base pay of $252,866/year.

See the document here.

He will also receive a a car allowance of $900/month or $600/month, depending upon whether he furnishes his own vehicle or is supplied one by an affiliated entity.

He is to receive a one-time moving expense reimbursement of up to $15 thousand.

Bruno is tasked with several goals to achieve in the contract:

Generate additional new graduates by 2012: ULM Target — Additional Graduates 269

These graduates will include the targeted high-demand professions to directly address the present and future workforce needs of Louisiana:
ULM Target — Additional Graduates 137

Additionally, the total number of degrees awarded to underrepresented students will reflect the existing state and regional demographics: ULM Target — Additional Graduates 52

Accelerate student progression to reduce time to graduation from 6 to 5 years by 2012: UL-Monroe Target 5.0

2 Responses to “Bruno’s ULM Contract”

  1. tdog Says:

    ULM is supposed to increase engineering degrees. I did not know they even had engineering. Is this an associate degree? Or is the University of Louisiana System confused?

    • Walter Abbott Says:

      Perhaps the construction program would be part of that requirement.

      The way I read that stipulation is that ALL the ULS schools must meet the graduation of high-demand professions collectively: education, health care, engineering and business.

      ULM must supply an additional 137 of the total 857 degrees awarded.

      That’s a good question. We’ll do additional research on it.

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