Mr. Roberts IS NOT Dead

Last we heard of Joseph Roberts was when he was muzzled and summarily dismissed from The (ULM) Hawkeye, the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) student newspaper. See here news stories from last spring about the flap.

Mister Roberts – Right Here at ULM?
ULM Hawkeye Flap Finally Makes ‘Real’ News

Today we see a letter to the editor by Joseph, and he’s spot on.

Power does what it wants

I am insulted by the choosing of Dr. (Nick) Bruno as the new president of the University of Louisiana at Monroe. “Your voice matters” and other virtuous noises made about the supposed democratic nature of the selection process turned out to be a transparently populist act.

Why pretend to care what the students think if in the end the choice is made by some shadowy delegation, rather than by an actual election by students? What a joke.

His appointment follows him being one of the least favored candidates by students and faculty. What I found most obnoxious was his rather public assurance that he wouldn’t use his presidential powers to retaliate against those who opposed him. This essentially means a gun is on the table, but because he’s such a benevolent ruler, he won’t use it.

We suspect The Hawkeye has been sanitized and processed down to the consistency of cold, lumpy grits since last summer’s makeover. We don’t even bother looking at it any more.

It was a better paper back when Mr. Roberts strode the deck.

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