LPPJ Pisses Away $300K/Year of Tax Money – Awards Garbage Haul Contract to High Bidder

In what can be described as either an abdication of fiscal sanity or an illegal activity, the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ)’s Solid Waste Committee voted tonight to award to the HIGHEST bidder a contract to haul waste from the parish landfill collection station to the Union Parish Landfill. The contract will be negotiated with Jackie White, Inc., who has held the contract since 1993. White’s proposal was an estimated $1.488 million/year compared to Waste Connections, Inc. (WCI)’s price of $1.194 million.

See here a spreadsheet of the proposals.

District Three’s Bobby Bennett made an impassioned plea to not ignore the huge difference in costs between the high and low bids.

“That’s a lot of bread,” said Bennett. “It’s a sad day in Lincoln Parish when you turn down $300 thousand” in savings, he added.

Bennett moved to award the bid to WCI, but the motion died for lack of a second.

District Four’s Mike Franklin moved and District Five’s David Hammons seconded a motion to award the contract to White.

Voting for the motion were Franklin, Hammond, Roy Glover and Hazel Hunter. Voting no were Bennett and Theresa Wyatt.

The second part of the agenda item to decide on the landfill location between Monroe and Farmerville resulted in a 4-1-1 vote to use the Farmerville location. Voting yes were Franklin, Hammond, Hunter and Wyatt. Voting no was Bennett and abstaining was Glover.

WCI had said they would hold the landfill contract price for five years, whereas the Farmerville proposal had 5% increases for the next three years.

The full jury voted to accept the committee’s two recommendations on 8-4 and 10-2 votes respectively.

We will have additional reporting on the rest of the meeting tomorrow.


8 Responses to “LPPJ Pisses Away $300K/Year of Tax Money – Awards Garbage Haul Contract to High Bidder”

  1. Wascator Says:

    What a bunch of sheep. I guess their leaders could not imagine changing anything. The winning bidder is one of Mr. Hammons’ ‘stituents.
    Kudos to Mr. Bennett for at least trying. Taxpayers are not amused at this obvious disrespect of our “contribution” to paying for this. I hear enough talk to know our juror might as well hang it up, stick a fork in it, cause he’s done.

  2. wascator Says:

    Mr. Franklin

  3. Pissed Off Says:

    The truth of the matter is: If it had been the jurors own personal money, they would have chosen the cheapest proposal. Since it is not their money, they chose to play politics. Mr. Franklin’s comment: “We know (White’s) services, and we’ve been able to depend on him for 18 years” and “If we get a new person, they would need supervision for a while”. Do you honestly think that Waste Connections has become one of the largest waste disposal companies in the country by not being dependable? One one the largest waste disposal companies will need our supervision? Come on Mr. Franklin, are you smoking crack? Mr. Franklin’s comment: “If we went with Waste Connections, they could raise the tipping fee the next contract” and “Union Parish Landfill could close if they don’t have Lincoln’s business” Well duh… Mr. Franklin… I’m sure Union will go up on their tipping fee on the next contract too. Also, if you are so passionate about Union’s landfill, why don’t you send them your own personal money and move to Farmerville so that you can run for Union’s Police Jury. Remember you were elected in Lincoln? If Union’s landfill is in such a financial bind, it may be because they have idiots like you who vote to waste $300,000 of taxpayer money. I am so glad that Mr. Bennett has balls and brains. As for the rest of them, I can’t wait till election day.

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