LPPJ/Board of Review Upholds Assessments

The Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ), acting as the parish’s Property Assessment Board of Review, last night upheld the assessments on two property accounts valued by Lincoln Parish Tax Assessor Pam Jones.

CDM Resources and Valerus Compression Services had appealed their assessments earlier this month. See the appeal letters here:

CDM Resources appeal
Valerus Compression Services appeal

Jones noted that CDM Resources had appealed for the past three years and took their case to the Louisiana Tax Commission, but that her assessments had been upheld every time. “The tax commission asked them for more documentation to verify these numbers, and they’ve never presented it,” said Jones.

Initially, Northern Louisiana Medical Center and Stallion Oilfield Services had appealed their assessments, but withdrew them prior to yesterday’s review meeting. See the appeals here:

Northern Louisiana Medical Center appeal
Stallion Oilfield Services appeal

See here the appeal withdrawals:

NLMC withdrawal
Stallion Svcs withdrawal

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  1. Thad Says:

    that is what i was imagining ninth of nov was not out of this earth

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