J’boro Mayor Thompson Vetoes 2010-11 Budget – Wiley’s Wife Appointed to District D by Board

Controversial Town of Jonesboro Mayor Leslie Thompson vetoed the town’s 2010-2011 budget that was adopted by the Board of Aldermen two weeks ago.

Thompson’s action was revealed today in a letter dated 9/24/10 at a noon meeting of the board called to appoint a replacement for suspended District D Alderman Terry Wiley.

In the letter Thompson says “the Board has over-stepped its authorized and legal boundary by submitting its own budget.”

The issue will likely come up again at the 10/12/10 alderman’s meeting.

Cassandra Wiley Appointed to Board of Aldermen

On a 4-0 vote, the board appointed Cassandra Wiley to the remainder of Terry Wiley’s term on the council.

See Terry Wiley’s letter to the board.

Per Louisiana Revised Statutes 42:1411 B,

The conviction for a felony of a public officer shall automatically suspend that individual from his public office without compensation. The suspension from public office without compensation shall continue until the conviction is final and all appellate review of the original trial court proceedings is exhausted. During the period of suspension, the public official shall not perform any official act, duty, or function nor shall he receive any compensation, pay, allowance, emolument, or privilege of his office. If the conviction is reversed on appeal, the public official shall be entitled to and shall receive full back pay with legal interest thereon from the date of suspension, compensation, and all rights, duties, powers, allowances, emoluments, and privileges of office to which he would have been entitled had he not been suspended.

Wiley was last week convicted of third offense driving while intoxicated, which is a felony. It is unknown if Wiley intends to appeal his conviction.

Wiley faces challenger Devin Flowers in this Saturday’s election for the District D seat.

4 Responses to “J’boro Mayor Thompson Vetoes 2010-11 Budget – Wiley’s Wife Appointed to District D by Board”

  1. top cop Says:

    hello mr.abbott,mr. wiley can’t even hold the seat now because he is a convicted felon,so why should mr. flowers face wiley,for the sat then,,isn’t his votes dead now,please let me know,im a concern citizen and a supporter of mr.flowers,he’s fresh and and a a people person when it come to meeting the need of people.

  2. Our Children First Says:

    On a brighter note! Jonesboro Hodge Tigers Homecoming is Friday night. The parade is at 1pm, tailgating, live music, and of course the game. Support our children and come see a great parade lineup. Don’t forget to find time to vote. Celebrate with our children!

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