Welcome to Livingston Parish Council Info

We have this morning discovered a website that like us, covers local government.

See here Livingston Parish Council Info.

See DA says Livingston can’t stop website in The (Baton Rouge) Advocate this morning.

To our friends in Livingston Parish, welcome to the world of citizen journalism!

One Response to “Welcome to Livingston Parish Council Info”

  1. krddurham Says:

    And, for an example of drive-by citizen journalism, see LPNO’s archive of Allee Bautsch posts…


    Whatever happened with that, anyway? Did you ever speak with the guy who you accused, based on zero evidence, of having something to do with this assault, abb? Has any actual proof surfaced that liberal protesters were responsible for this assault, or are you still just assuming that they were?

    You dropped that story like a hot potato. Why?

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