Letter to the Editor

Mr. Abbott: Following is a letter to the editor I wrote today regarding mismanagement at Jonesboro City Hall. I don’t know if it will be printed, but the voting public needs to know.

To the Editor:

Please make check payable to Town of Jonesboro, the certified mail notice informed me on Thursday, September 9, 2010. DELINQUENT TAX NOTICE. Your taxes for 2009 are now past due. Unless you pay the said taxes within twenty days from the mailing date of this notice, your property will be advertised and sold according to law to satisfy the said taxes. Pay this amount on or before 09/24/2010: $73.67.

What? Again? For the second time during the present administration of the Town of Jonesboro and for the second time during my more than 20-year residency here, my home was being threatened.

The first time this happened, a year or two ago, the town had failed to forward my tax notice to my mortgage company, which pays my annual tax bill from my escrow account. After much distress and three-way conversation, that problem was finally resolved.

A local deputy sheriff I had briefed about the incident told me that it is the property owners responsibility to make sure the tax bill is paid even though it is supposed to be taken care in the monthly note charged by the mortgage company. So, in December, I dutifully called my mortgage company and was told that the tax bill had been paid to the Town of Jonesboro. Great. No worries.

My confidence was short-lived. To say I was shocked to get this second notice is an understatement. It makes me angry and question if someone is trying to take my home.

I immediately called my mortgage company. Yes, the taxes had been paid on Dec. 23, 2009, in the amount of $59.33.

So where did the $73.67 come from? The town had added cost — $9.00 — and interest — $5.34 — for late payment.

But wait, the mortgage company spokesperson said, the town stamped my tax bill paid in January. Then, for some unknown reason, someone at City Hall mailed the full tax payment back to the mortgage company. Why?

There is no answer to that question, as it is impossible to learn from City Hall exactly who is responsible for the actions taken against me and my property. The person I needed to speak with was not in that day.

I am a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen of the Town of Jonesboro. I am also a registered voter. Enough is enough. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you. In the upcoming election, I am voting for a change, one that I hope will give voters a renewed sense of trust in the administration of the Town of Jonesboro. At this moment, this voter has none.


Mary C. Blood
Jonesboro, LA 71251

3 Responses to “Letter to the Editor”

  1. heard it but still don't believe it Says:

    Okay, concerned Jonesboroians better wake up — the “change” we have in the White House and the “change” we have in our Town Administration is slowing killing everything that is good and moral in our society today. God help us …

  2. just letting u know Says:

    it happened to me also..i had forgot mine was escrowed went to city hall and like a dummy paid in cash. couldnt find my receipt later and had to pay it again.. and strange enough they couldnt find a copy of where i paid it the first time.

  3. Tommy Barr Says:

    I can no longer vote in Jackson Parish as I now live in Union Parish to be near my family. However I still have strong feelings for Jonesboro as I am a decendent of the Jones family from whom the town got its name. Things that are going on in Jonesboro government bothers me very much. I also have the same feelings for the “Ununited States of America”. I pray to God for His help in wrighting the wrongs in the town and our country.

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