Ruston Mayoral Hopeful Sauber Tells Plans

Citing a “fascination with politics,” Ruston mayoral candidate Robert “Bob” Sauber last night at the Frothy Monkey coffeehouse told of his plans for the town, should he be elected on October 2. Sauber will be holding 7 PM meetings at the restaurant every Thursday night until the election.

Sauber said Ruston should be focusing more on residential sidewalks, public transportation, green spaces and recycling to improve the area’s quality of life – things that would make the town attractive to prospective new industries and businesses.

Sauber, 56, started his campaign last spring. He gathered sufficient petition signatures to be placed on the ballot, rather than pay the customary filing fee to run for office.

He is a native of Minneapolis, MN, has been married 34 years and has two grown children. He has had a varied work career, having been a minister, hospital chaplain, teacher and therapist.

A resident of Ruston since 2006, he describes himself as semi-retired. He occasionally substitute teaches in area schools.

Sauber said the first thing he would do after swearing in would be to cut his own salary 25% and eliminate at least one top administrator to create more efficiency at city hall.

In his announcement, Sauber said, “I have personally had less than satisfactory dealings with various Ruston department officials concerning inadequate city service and customer relations.”

See Sauber’s website here.


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