Booth: Landry/Downer Runoff Would Help Villerie

Upstart Jeff Landry came within 162 votes of beating establishment GOP candidate Hunt Downer in Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District primary this past Saturday. So far, Downer says he intends to hang tough in a runoff.

Conservative activist and regular Hayride columnist Ryan Booth says that’s a good thing.

He says that a runoff in the CD03 race would keep the Tea Party activists energized and that energy would bleed over into the race for Louisiana’s Lieutenant Governor. That would in turn help Roger Villere, who the Tea Party activists have endorsed, and who, according to polls, trails country-club GOP candidate Jay Darden.

Said Booth in an interview with Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) this morning:

“The Tea Party is backing both Landry and Villerie. It stands to reason that a big turnout of those voters in the Third Congressional District would be a huge boost for Villere.”

Meanwhile other conservatives call on Downer to pull out of the race.

Tea Party of LA Calls on Downer To Exit Congressional Race

The Tea Party of Louisiana, which organized the “Down with Downer” campaign, tonight called on Hunt Downer to withdraw from the congressional “Second Primary” after opponent Jeff Landry came within 200 votes of winning the race outright.

“Tonight, the liberty-minded citizens of Congressional District 3 sent Hunt Downer and RINOs everywhere a message,” Spokesman Chris Comeaux said. “Mr. Downer should do what’s in the best interest of the liberty movement and withdraw from this race. It’s not going to get any easier for him,” Comeaux said.

Downer Can’t Win, And He Needs To Get Out

In the aftermath of last night’s 3rd District GOP congressional primary, one thing is very clear.

Hunt Downer can’t win.

In a three-way race, Jeff Landry and Kristian Magar – a pair of conservative firebrands with Tea Party-friendly ideas and curricula vitae which do not include public officeholding – outpolled Downer 64-36 yesterday. Landry was just a couple hundred votes shy of the 50 percent he needed to avoid a runoff altogether.

Downer can’t help the GOP take over the 3rd District seat by staying in the race. He can’t help himself, either. It’s in the best interest of all for him to retire from the field.

Louisiana politics! Don’t you just love it?

As one out-of-state friend told us several years ago, “Y’all play that stuff without a helmet!”

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