V-Vehicle Money Gutted by Lege Committee

The Louisiana Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget last Thursday took $81.9 million away from the controversial V-Vehicle project and put it back into the general fund. The committee said if the project ever came to fruition, then the money could be re-appropriated.

The project has been on life support since last spring when a U. S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) Loan was denied.

Senators Francis Thompson and Mike Walsworth frantically tried to paint the development as not fatal to V-Vehicle, but the quaver in their voices betrayed their fears.

See a video of the committee hearing. The pertinent part of the hearing came at about 18 minutes into the video.

It is unclear why other media failed to report on this important development, despite being present at the committee meeting.

Thanks are due to Ouachita Parish News Online (OPNO) for alerting us to this important news event.

Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) has reported extensively on the controversial company and the Monroe project. Archived stories can be found here. We will continue to report on this ongoing story.

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