Lincoln Parish Police Jury Tuesday Afternoon

The Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) will meet in regular session, Tuesday, August 10 on the third floor of the parish courthouse. Committee meetings begin at 5:00 PM.

Here is the agenda.

Solid Waste and Recycling Committee

Permission will be requested to seek proposals for the solid waste hauling and pickup station operation contract, and landfill tipping fees. The parish collects municipal waste at the Lincoln Parish Landfill and carries it to the Union Parish landfill. Here is the existing contract with Union Parish.

Public Property and Buildings Committee

This committee will review proposed terms for leasing rental space in the old County Market building, formerly occupied by the Movie Gallery.

Proposed terms are for a minimum of three years at $.90/sq. ft./month. The property is approximately 4 thousand square feet, which would indicate a yearly rent of about $43 thousand/year. Movie Gallery had been paying about $52 thousand/year.

Lincoln Parish Sheriff Mike Stone will present an update on his planned public safety complex out on Road Camp Road. The proposed location is to be annexed into the City of Ruston and provided with sewerage service.

See here earlier reporting on the sheriff’s plans.

Also up are a couple of change orders, one for the exit stairway at the police Jury complex and the other for library events center.

Public Works Committee

This committee will authorize advertisement for bids for milling and overlay of Burgessville Road, and review the bids for the Della Road bridge at Cypress Creek.

Also, the committee will hear a request from the Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB) to help in resurfacing the parking lot at the Dubach High School.

Finance Committee

This committee will discuss rental income – or perhaps the impending decline thereof. Also the committee will approve issuance of about $3.6 million in bonds as discussed in the 6/8/10 meeting. The earlier bond issue was called to allow issuance of these new bonds at lower interest rate. About $1/4 million should be saved from the lower interest rate.

Full Jury

First up for the full jury will be to set public hearing dates for the property assessment board of review. This is where the property owners of Lincoln Parish have their say on whether they think their property is fairly assessed for ad velorem (according to value) taxes. The tentative date set for the hearing is 9/28/10 at 5:00 PM.

Several appointment are to be made: Greater Ward One Waterworks District, Tremont Water District, Library Board of Control, and Lincoln Parish Communications District.

Several resolutions are to be considered, one of which authorizes calling an election for the Lincoln Parish Library tax. The library’s board initially wanted a 7.0 millage, but reconsidered after pushback from some jurors. They will be asking for a 5.99 millage, the same as the current tax. The proposed election date is Tuesday, 11/2/10.

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