BOLO for New Lincoln Parish Tax From Sheriff

Citizens and property owners of Lincoln Parish should be on the lookout (BOLO) for a new tax proposition to fund building/operation a new Taj Mahal for the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office (LPSO).

Two news articles have popped up touting a “public safety complex” Sheriff Mike Stone wants to build across from the parish prison on Road Camp Road.

Sheriff’s Office eyes new home
Lincoln sheriff’s, fire department and homeland security offices to consolidate

Such news stories do not fall from the sky. They’re usually planted by politicians or government types with ulterior motives. At this point, there is not enough money to build the thing – recall that Stone showed up at the April police jury meeting, tin cup in hand. And any operating expenses (utilities, etc.) and repairs/maintenance will have to be shouldered by a strained budget at the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ).

The possible motivation behind this push is that the Ruston Police Department (RPD) got a new million dollar headquarters building in the old Ruston post office building across the street from City Hall. Politicians and government employees are notoriously jealous whenever someone else gets new building or office and they have to suffer along in their decrepit old crib.

And without fail, anytime a new public building is constructed with “room to grow,” it will be filled to capacity with deadheads within a couple of years.

Over the past ten years, the population of Lincoln Parish has remained nearly static. According to the U. S. Census Bureau, the parish’s 2000 population was 42,509, while the 2009 number was 43,296.

Meanwhile, as of 6/30/00, the sheriff’s office paid out $2.06 million in salaries and benefits and collected $1.8 million in ad valorem taxes. As of 6/30/09, the salaries had exploded to $4.2 million and ad valorem taxes more than doubled to $3.9 million.

There is a similar push underway in Ouachita Parish. See here the Ouachita Citizen crying crocodile tears about how bad things are at the Ouachita Correctional Center (OCC) and how they’ll need a 24% tax increase to operate it. Meanwhile the liars at the Ouachita Parish Police Jury (OPPJ) have yet to refund the V-Car taxes after solemnly promising to do so.

All these stories appear in newspapers that wax fat from local government legal ad revenues. In these cases, it appears the investment by local government has paid off handsomely.

4 Responses to “BOLO for New Lincoln Parish Tax From Sheriff”

  1. Wascator Says:

    if the sheriff’s office moves, who is going to guard the courthouse? As it is now, criminals have to leave the parish to get caught.

  2. Rogue Warrior Says:

    The local, and state constabularies have worked very hard to get to this point. Don’t let me forget to commend the U.S. Federales on their equally wicked lust for dominion. Wake up America!! The citizens of the U.S. are simply a cash cow for the government at every level. There is little difference in paying taxes for police protection than paying protection to a common racketeer. When was the last time you needed a LEO and one was handy? Make a report and get nothing? Welcome to the club. Some of the officers really try to make a difference but they have no understanding of the big scheme. As a citizen you are only a source of REVENUE. Every tax you allow, every fine you pay, is simply going to make THEM richer. Justice is just big business. Most laws are made to protect the sheep of society from each other to form a tax base, or an income for the system. That is you tax-payer. Who is keeping the wolves at bay? Who are the wolves? Criminals? In my opinion we have been left with the ancient principle of choosing the lesser of two evils. Do we allow the street criminal to run wild, to rob, and steal, or do we allow or justice system to rob and steal from us. Keep your taxes paid and pay your fines like good citizens but remember, “If you give a mouse a cookie……”. In this case he will want a larger office, more power, more money, etc. Are you getting your moneys worth now? Is the threat of a street criminal viable enough to warrant more police inaction. Lets just tell them the tit has run dry and we will take on the criminals ourselves. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have two sets of wolves nipping at our heels. One set is visible, the other clothed in blue wool (actually polyester). I can protect my flock just fine without more and “better” constabulary. When the powers that be have it their way everyone will be a criminal except them. Real criminals aren’t afraid of laws, because they don’t subscribe to them. We as citizens are stuck with defending ourselves. I can’t tax anyone to build what I want. I have to earn my money. Fining the public for BS traffic “violations” is not earning ,it is stealing. All our lives we have been told that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A new Sheriffs office will not prevent any crime, and will only boost their ego for a time. Remember the mouse. Hail the black sheep.

  3. Wascator Says:

    Well, you are right. basically the citizens have lost control of government and it has become a big source of money and power to be milked by those with the ability and lust.
    Everything government does requires a big bureaucracy be set up, therefore salaries, benefits, retirements. The visitor’s bureau in Lincoln Parish spends almost all its income (hotel-motel TAX) for payments ont he new, $2Million building, and salaries and benefits for the employees. No one there is elected directly. It seems like it is out of control. The police Jury lost control of it several years ago; now it is a self-sustaining entity, answerable to no one.
    Govern,ent is destroying the US. Too many ticks will kill a puppy.

  4. Lincoln Parish Police Jury Tuesday Afternoon « Lincoln Parish News Online Says:

    […] here earlier reporting on the sheriff’s […]

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