OPPJ: Tax, Tax, Tax

The Ouachita Parish Police Jury (OPPJ) spent over an hour on the ordinary housekeeping chores of a governmental body: annexation, trash, parking and personnel. After that, they got down to the real business of government: scheduling tax elections.

For the October 2, 2010 election date, five lighting districts will hold elections:

* Elsinore Estates
* Curry Creek
* Davenport
* Cypress Lakes
* Oak Place

How a “lighting district” works is if the residents of an area petition the jury, an election will be called. If passed, Entergy will put up street lights and the bill is paid by the jury. In turn, the residents yearly tax bill shows a line item for lighting, usually $25 to $50 per year. The jury is in effect the collection agent for Entergy and as such has more clout when it comes to collecting the bill. When Entergy tried to do local lighting on their own, some areas of the parish had high past dues.

Also scheduled for the Oct. 2 election were the G. B. Cooley 1.45 mil and the Green Oaks Juvenile Detention Center 2.91 mil taxes.

More details on these taxes can be found on the agenda.

Not discussed was the upcoming day of reckoning for the Ouachita Correctional Center operating tax. Lincoln Parish News Online had reported on that issue earlier.

Also not discussed was the June 9 deadline for refund of the controversial V-Vehicle tax. However District A Juror Charles Jackson told LPNO that the jury “probably” would begin the procedure for refunding the tax after June 9.

What that means is that “probably” the jury will renege on its promise to refund the money. Said another way, you can never believe what a politician tells you. And that’s much more than “probable” – it’s a fact.

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