Regents Head Takes Pay Cut

Sally Clausen, Louisiana’s Commissioner of Higher Education, took a big pay cut yesterday. Here is the story in The (Baton Rouge) Advocate.

Her salary will dip from $377,000 to $199,000 for the fiscal year beginning July 1. Clausen also will forgo $48,000 in combined annual housing and vehicle allowances, which made her total annual pay package $425,000.

It’s about damn time.

Board of Regents Vice Chair Robert W. Levy (who in his spare time serves as Lincoln/Union District Attorney) said, “We’re going to be asking everyone to sacrifice. We would hope that everyone has a sense of shared sacrifice.”

The Board of Regents sits at the apex of the hydra-headed monster that is Louisiana’s higher education governing bureaucracy.

Perhaps now we can see the obscene pay ($550,000/yr) of the loudmouth LSU System President John Lombardi follow suit. You’ll remember Lombardi appearing on TV and at the Capitol endlessly poor-mouthing about how hard times are.

And could we ask University of Louisiana at Monroe’s (ULM) President James Cofer to at least pay the utility bill at his million-dollar crib, Bon Aire? Surely that wouldn’t be too much to ask for someone knocking down $252,886/year on the backs of the taxpayers.

Especially since he doesn’t have to make a house note.

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