Jindal Statement on Crime Conflicts With Facts – Latest on Bautsch/Brown French Quarter Assault

From The Hayride, here’s the latest on the assault on Allee Bautsch and Joe Brown.

The French Quarter Fracas: Another Possible Piece (Updated, 11:05 p.m)

This is more confirmation that the assault was of a political nature as detailed yesterday by a reporter who spoke with the New Orleans Police Department.

It now appears that the statement released earlier this week by Kyle Plotkin, a spokesman for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is now inoperative. To wit:

“While there were protestors around at that time, we are not aware of any evidence that the individuals involved in the altercation were protestors.”

Meanwhile, we have had no response to our inquiry yesterday with Governor’s Office regarding the fitness of the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) to conduct a competent investigation.

5 Responses to “Jindal Statement on Crime Conflicts With Facts – Latest on Bautsch/Brown French Quarter Assault”

  1. Roland Says:

    The political intimidation motive of the savages that viciously beat Allee Bautsch, Governor Jindal’s Financial Director, and her friend Joe Brown has been confirmed in an interview of an NOPD information officer relaying information from one of the case’s detectives:

    Breaking: Exclusive New Orleans Beat-Down Update Via My Interview With The NOPD – “It Was Of A Political Nature” http://bit.ly/d4pm5J

    Obviously those with a political motive to commit this heinous assault on this nice young couple that was just working hard for their Republican Governor and the ideas that they believe in at SRLC could only be Democrats and other Leftists.

    This is a truly heinous crime of political intimidation by Democrats and other Leftists. This nice young couple was just working hard for a Governor and the ideas that they believe in, and the Democrats and other Leftists beat them so severely that their surgeons estimate a three month recovery.

    Take a good look at those pictures and ask yourself: Can you ever again see any Democrat or other Leftist public figure that has not owned that their own broke Allee and Joe’s bones, condemned the attackers and their cohorts, and apologized without also seeing these pictures in your mind and thinking that they are just a little complicit?

    I never will!

  2. krddurham Says:

    You’re not even trying anymore, abb. Please provide one piece of evidence that suggests that this “assault was of a political nature”. Just one.

    Bob Young has called the “reporter”/conservative blogger that you linked to a liar saying that “Dollard’s account of what he said is ‘completely incorrect.’”


    Here’s the police report…

    Click to access police%20report.pdf

    So, where’s your evidence that this “assault was of political nature,” abb? I’m not saying that you’re wrong…but I haven’t seen any evidence to suggest that you’re right.

    Take Michelle Malkin’s advice…

    “It doesn’t help to insist on making this a partisan cause celebre and reducing the victims to political pawns when the evidence remains murky — and especially when one of the victims himself heard no politically-motivated taunts.”

    • Walter Abbott Says:

      We stand by our reporting. See our interview today with Louisiana GOP Chairman Roger Villere, Jr. He hosted the event and he was there.

  3. krddurham Says:

    Did Mr. Villere witness the assault on Allee Bautsch and Joe Brown?

  4. Roland Says:

    Dollard had a witness, who also posted a similar story at Snooper Report, to his interview with Young and stands by his story. Young did not have a witness, or has yet to produce one. He, also, notes Young’s attempt to retract his initial answer that the vicious attack on Allee Bautsch and Joe Brown was political as the interview continued.

    Allee Bautsch’s Mother acknowledged the political character of the attack in her television interview.

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