What if it had been Mary’s People?

What if the dastardly attack last Friday night against Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s chief fundraiser Allee Bautsch and her boyfriend Joe Brown had been upon U. S. Senator Mary Landrieu’s staffers?

Assume there had been a fund-raising dinner with several high-profile Democrat guests in attendance. Assume it had been held in some tony French Quarter restaurant. Assume there had been several dozen Tea Party protesters outside waving signs and chanting. Assume that after the event and within a block or two of the protests, Mary’s chief fundraiser and companion had the stuffing beat out of them and they were hospitalized with broken bones and concussions.

What would the so-called Mainstream Media in Louisiana and elsewhere be doing?

We wonder how many TV crews WWL-TV would have reporting and re-reporting from the scene of the crime? How many reporters would Dave Cohen, News Director for WWL-AM870 have camped out on the doorstep of the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD)? How many reporters would Jim Amoss, Editor of The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune have assigned to dig up connections between the perps and the protesters? What kind of opinions would we see from the editorial page loons at The (Baton Rouge) Advocate?

Would CNN and MSNBC be going wall-to-wall with cable coverage like they did with the made-up story about racial slurs at the U. S. Capitol last month? Would CBS’ Katie Couric and NBC’s Brian Williams be anchoring their broadcasts from the French Quarter by now? And would the story have made the front pages – above the fold – in The New York Times and the Washington Post?

Right here, right now the only reporter doing actual investigative journalism is Scott McKay of The Hayride.

And what of the politicians? Would Governor Jindal still be putting out milquetoast press statements, or would a squadron of Louisiana State Police investigators be en route to New Orleans? Would U. S. Attorney Jim Letten have the entire resources of the Justice Department involved or would he still be pursuing the silly case of a fake phone repairman?

The world wonders…

UPDATE: 10:45 AM

The latest from Scott McKay at The Hayride. The Brennan’s Beatdown: Piecing Together A Story (Updated, 9:35 a.m)

UPDATE: 12:25 PM

A political beating in New Orleans?

UPDATE: Big Easy Beatdown of Jindal Top Campaign Fundraiser

3 Responses to “What if it had been Mary’s People?”

  1. datruth Says:

    stick to the facts, not conjecture

    oh, apparently you have a problem with facts too – re: VVehicle short on repayment to state

    bloviate all you want, just leave journalism to real journalists

  2. Are Allee Bautsch and Joe Brown Expendable? « Lincoln Parish News Online Says:

    […] had contrasted this event with what the media’s likely response had it been staffers of Senator Mary Landrieu who were beaten. And also contrast this with how they […]

  3. Greg Says:

    Cheers to my good friend Abb on keeping up with this story.

    datruth, the thing you need to understand is that if we left journalism to “real” journalists, the Duke Lacrosse kids would be serving 30-year prison sentences right now for a crime that — contrary to the reporting of the so-called “real” journalists — never, ever happened. “Real” journalists don’t have a very impressive track record these days.

    And is it really that hard for you to connect the dots between a hostile protest in front of Brennan’s and an attack on two people who had just left the event being protested just a block away from where the protest was being held? If you don’t think the mainstream media would have connected the dots if it had been a Tea Party protest and Mary Landrieu’s people had been the ones attacked, then you’re either hopelessly stupid or deliberately lying to yourself and others … or both.

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