Lincoln Parish Police Jury Tuesday, April 13

The Lincoln Parish Police Jury will have its regular monthly meeting, Tuesday, April 13 on the third floor of the courthouse. Committee meetings will begin at 4:00 PM.

Here are the agendas.

Solid Waste Committee – 4:00 PM

The only thing on the agenda for this committee is discussion of a mega-site for solid waste collection bins. This consolidation of locations has been ongoing for a while, as it is more efficient for the parish to pick up waste at several large sites rather than with bins scattered about the parish. The sites are much easier to keep clean than with individual bins.

Sparta Committe – 4:30 PM

This committee will consider a groundwater protection ordinance. The proposed ordinance would establish a protection area for a radius of 1000 feet around water wells serving public water systems in the parish. Its intent is to protect water resources from hazardous materials that could be a health risk.

Public Works Committee – 5:00 PM

Eric Hudson of Alliance, Inc. will report on the project to cut down Longstraw Road at the south end of the Ruston Regional Airport runway. At present the roadway elevation interferes with runway approach.

Finance Committee – 5:30 PM

The budget revenues and expenditures will be reviewed by this committee.

Public Property and Buildings Committee – 6:00 PM

This committee will hear a report on the public safety complex from Sheriff Mike Stone. Also there will be a report on relocation of the Tax Assessor. Bids will be reviewed for the construction of a stair at the police jury complex on Alabama Avenue.

Full Jury – 7:00 PM

The full jury will consider several appointments for waterworks districts and the exhibition center commission and hear a report from the Lincoln Parish Geographic Information System (GIS) Director Shane Breland. The jury will take action on several bids and then hear committee reports.

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