V-Vehicle Refund not Short – Paid in Full

The $6,184,733.07 refund paid to the State of Louisiana by V-Vehicle Company is paid in full and not short, according to an analysis by the Louisiana Department of Economic Development (LED) and new documents released yesterday. Last week Lincoln Parish News Online had reported that the refund amount was short by $14,675.71.

Here is the analysis by the staff of LED

We have reconciled the discrepancy in what Mr. Abbot reports as being “spent by the taxpayers” and what was actually paid by LED. The invoice dated 09/09/09 in the amount of $1,266,049.13 was reported by Mr. Abbot as being fully paid, but on that invoice, LED only paid $1,075,989.13 because $190,060 of that invoice had previously been reimbursed on a prior invoice. Also, Mr. Abbot did not report the invoice dated 09/25/09 in the amount of $175,384.42, on which was paid $175,384.29. (The amount for Phase 1 was $2,000,000. Deducting all amounts previously paid left a remaining balance of $175,384.29, as was indicated on V-Vehicles Ltr #006 invoice, a copy of which is attached.) The difference of these 2 amounts equals the $14,675.71 of Mr. Abbot’s claim.

Here is a copy of the 09/25/09 invoice, which we did not have in our possession until yesterday. In our public records requests for invoices, we had asked for all invoices and backup documentation associated with them.

One Response to “V-Vehicle Refund not Short – Paid in Full”

  1. JohnMartin Says:

    Well Walter-
    What did you expect from your ‘publican buddies that ride along in the dreamworld of Gov. Jindal in his quest for a still higher political position.
    These are the guys responsibile for submitting a balanced budget and providing mandated services to the people of Louisiana. And they are going to do it all by cutting taxes. And in particular all taxes local and state paid by anyone who happens to be a member of Louisiana Assn. of Business and Industry.

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