OPNO: Rhymes Removed from Schleuter Probe

Ouachita Parish News Online (OPNO) is reporting that Director of Human Resources for the City of Monroe J. Michael Rhymes has withdrawn from the investigation into Police Chief Ronald E. Schleuter’s taping of Mayor Jamie Mayo.

Lincoln Parish News Online had reported on the controversy here and here.

One Response to “OPNO: Rhymes Removed from Schleuter Probe”

  1. JohnMartin Says:

    Anybody that knows Mike Rhymes knows he is a very astute labor/management/employment attorney. Mike would be well aware that the Chief taking a recorder to a meeting with either his supperiors or underlings is no big deal. The recordings would be a far better record of the conversations of orders, coming down to him or from him to his subordinates, than some scribbled notes of the meeting. Probably the only thing better would be a videotape of the meeting(s)
    I’d guess that Mike bowed out rather than being forced to tell Mayor Mayo he didn’t have a leg to stand on unless the Mayor could prove he advocated some illegal act and the Chief was blackmailing him not to disclose what was on a meeting tape. Best the Mayor toss in the towel now unless he doesn’t want to lose control entirely.

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