Moret Wants V-Vehicle Deadline Killed

Stephen Moret, Secretary of Economic Development for Louisiana said earlier this month that he wants an open-ended commitment from Louisiana’s Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget for the stalled V-Vehicle project. In testimony before the House Appropriations Committee on March 4, Moret said he wanted to resubmit project timetables to the Joint Committee IF AND WHENEVER the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) Project loan is approved. Moret said he would ask the Joint Committee to “amend the contract” to “update the dates” after approval.

The effect of waiting until after the federal loan is approved – whenever it happens – means deadlines no longer exist and the taxpayers are on the hook with no cutoff date .

The comments came at about 3:03 in the hearing during questioning from District 51 Representative Joe Harrison.

At about 3:12 on the video, Moret again restates his plan to “update a few of the dates” after the ATVM loan is approved. At the time, he was replying to questions from District 67’s Patricia Haynes Smith.

The V-Vehicle issue came up once again at 3:28 on the video, while District 20’s Noble Ellington was questioning Moret.

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