OPPJ Dragging Feet on V-Vehicle Tax Refund

It looks like the Ouachita Parish Police Jury will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into doing what it solemnly promised to do last year – refund tax monies collected for V-Vehicle if the project fails to materialize.

We told you so.

After last night’s jury meeting, District E Juror and President Shane Smiley was asked when the taxpaying property owners of Ouachita Parish could expect a refund. He replied that the area governing bodies would have to meet and decide how to accomplish that at some point. He would not, however, commit to a deadline date.

Section 4.03 (E) of the original Cooperative Endeavor Agreement among the several parties reads:

If Phase III has not commenced by October 1, 2009, grant payments under Sections 4.01 and 4.02 shall be suspended until Phase III has commenced. If Phase III has not commenced by March 1, 2010, the parties are relieved of further obligations hereunder, except Guideco’s obligations under Section 4.05(B), and the Company’s obligations under Sections 4.06(G), 4.07 and this paragraph. In this event, by April 1, 2010 the Company shall reimburse the State Investment.

District A Juror Charles Jackson said he is sticking with the March 31 “date certain” to refund the tax money, as he had said two weeks ago. Jackson had sent a memo to the other jurors outlining some possible procedures for actually retuning the money. LPNO has filed a public records request for a copy of the memo and will post it when it becomes available.

The issue was not on the agenda at last night’s meeting.

Jackson said that he thought there wasn’t enough support on the jury at this time to actually vote to proceed with a refund.

Late in the meeting – after the reporters for The Ouachita Citizen and The (Monroe) News-Star had left – the agenda was changed to allow addition of an item concerning the re-alignment of Bennett Bayou at the old GM Guide Plant plant site. That location is where the now-stalled V-Vehicle assembly plant is supposed to be built.

An ordnance was adopted to accept the right-of-way of the relocated Bennett Bayou and revoke the right-of-way of the old canal location.

In other business, the jury adopted a resolution of condolence to the family of slain Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Deputy J. R. Searcy. See the story in The (Monroe) News-Star.

4 Responses to “OPPJ Dragging Feet on V-Vehicle Tax Refund”

  1. jf Says:

    Happy Birthday, Abb…this year and each going forward.

  2. heyhoseb Says:

    Jackson is covering his butt constantly……things will work out for the company…trust me.

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