Sunshine Week

What is Sunshine Week?

Sunshine Week is a national initiative to open a dialogue about the importance of open government and freedom of information. Participants include print, broadcast and online news media, civic groups, libraries, nonprofits, schools and others interested in the public’s right to know.

Though spearheaded by journalists, Sunshine Week is about the public’s right to know what its government is doing, and why. Sunshine Week seeks to enlighten and empower people to play an active role in their government at all levels, and to give them access to information that makes their lives better and their communities stronger.

Sunshine Week is a nonpartisan initiative whose supporters are conservative, liberal and everything in between.

How Louisiana Citizens can Fight Closed Government

RS 42:4.1 – Public policy for open meetings
Louisiana Open Meeting Law
RS 44:1 – Public Records and Recorders
Louisiana Public Records Act

2 Responses to “Sunshine Week”

  1. Wascator Says:

    What do people do when people in some of the media decide for us, take sides, then ignore parts of the story that do not support nor promote their vision? This used to be called bias, if I remember from college.

  2. Walter Abbott Says:

    We started our blog for that very reason. To steal a line from The Six Million Dollar Man, “We have the technology.”

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