School Board Adopts Ruston 21 Goals

The Lincoln Parish School Board last night voted unanimously to adopt the goals of the Ruston 21 Education Committee presented in January. The goals adopted for Lincoln Parish Schools are:

May 2013: Among the top 12 districts in Louisiana.
May 2015: Among the top 7 districts in Louisiana.
May 2017: The number one ranked district in Louisiana.

Among the criteria to measure the rankings will be Louisiana school performance scores, ACT scores, iLEAP scores, 4th and 8th grade LEAP scores and graduation rate.

District Ten board member and President Otha Anders praised the program’s goals and said for the program to be successful, “we must have the support of the whole community.” Anders emphasized the “we,” noting that the program belonged to all that live in the area. He allowed that modifications to specific items might have to be done along the way if needed. “Some items may be cost prohibitive,” he said.

Committee Chairman Russel Woodard agreed, saying the program was flexible enough to adapt. He envisioned a yearly meeting where the public, area mayors and political leader, pastors and business leaders would review progress and discuss new ideas.

We will have further reports on other agenda items discussed during the meeting.

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