Louisiana Higher Education: The Untouchables

We were pleasantly surprised yesterday to see The (Baton Rouge) Advocate print this letter to editor yesterday. It is a refreshing change from all the whining from the higher education establishment about how they cannot, must not, and will not be subjected to fiscal discipline.

On excessive whining from LSU

The behavior of the faculty and staff of this university demanding exemption is an embarrassment to the state, shows a lack of education on the part of these educators of the present economic crisis facing this state and this nation, and is a spit in the eye for all of us who are suffering because of the same job losses that LSU employees demand they not be a part of because of their extreme arrogance.

Meanwhile the pious posturing resumes today, scattered across the state’s Gannett newspapers and in The Advocate.

University officials welcome challenge, chance for independence
Jindal plan allows for tuition increases
Cuts jeopardize future of LSU
Game plan needed for higher ed


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