Fertilizer/Ventilator Interface in Monroe

Monroe Police Chief Ron Schleuter has apparently been secretly taping conversations with Mayor Jamie Mayo and other city officials for as long as four years.

The Monroe Free Press has the story.

5 Responses to “Fertilizer/Ventilator Interface in Monroe”

  1. JohnMartin Says:

    Just to get the story straight…..there is absolutely nothing illegal about the Chief’s tape recording conversations with other officials. Certainly that’s a good CYA method just in case someone would want to suggest something that might not be legal when there are no other witnesses around.
    And Louisiana is a “one party state” when it comes to taping phone conversations. Anyone can tape record their phone conversations with others. Only one party…i.e. the person taping…has to be aware that the recorder is running. It is illegal to tape a conversation between two people without them being made aware without a properly issued warrant. That’s why you might hear “This conversation may be recorded for training and quality control purposes” when you are calling a business about a problem/error/whatever.

  2. Bass Ackerds Says:

    Just to get the story straight…..there is an issue of ethical behavior, as if
    this man has not been in trouble before over some of the same issues, and he has sworn in testimony before judical hearings that he never taped anyone….Also, if this batch of tapes are loaded onto the computer
    in Police Department, which belongs to the citizens of Monroe, LA., then
    does it not become property of said citizens? Internal Affairs can quickly
    become External Affairs….

    While the Chief is down in South Louisiana at Mardi Gras, the men in blue, here in Monroe, are certainly busy getting these tapes out to every
    news outlet they can find.

    Whistle blowing blues.

  3. JohnMartin Says:

    Everyone has their own opinion about “ethics.” If people are of the sam persuasion, then their ethics are great….otherwise they are seriously impaired.

    But the point is that it is not illegal to tape record a conversation eigher in person or over the telephone without the other party in the conversation being aware. I would be illegal for the Chief to record the conversation(s) of two people, over the phone, without their knowledge and without having a court approved warrant.

  4. Bass Ackerds Says:

    Yes, I suppose ethics is a personal thing, an attribute, something that not
    everyone has…..we could say that ethics are a state of mind, even.

    As we all know, the issue is not whether it was legal or not, the issue is
    that the people who entered into conversation with said Chief, were taped
    without their knowledge, elected officials, department heads, and whomever else said Chief has had a converstation with over the last number of years.

    Right now, those people are seriously reflecting over whether or not to
    they can trust this, said Chief, again.

    And as we all know, the law is written so that lawyers can make money, not protect the public. Of course, unless you are of the same persuasion,
    whateverintheheck that means.??

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    […] Lincoln Parish News Online had reported on the controversy here and here. […]

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