Neville HS Principal in Trouble?

According to The (Monroe) News-Star today, Neville High School Principal Brent Vidrine may be suspended for possible credit card misuse.

Neville High School Principal Brent Vidrine could be the latest Monroe City Schools principal to be suspended as part of the district’s internal investigation into credit card misuse.

Interim Superintendent Julian Gray confirmed late Thursday, following a more than two-hour executive session in a special meeting, that he will make the decision on Friday whether Vidrine would be removed from his position.

Had you been reading Ouachita Parish News Online last December, this would have come as no surprise.

Well earlier OuachitaParishNewsOnline reported that the delay in disciplining the first principal that abused the credit card system was due to the fact that there where more priincipals involved.

The elephant in the room last night was the principal at State Football Champion Neville High School, a school located on the wealthy north side of monroe, but with enrollment from the wealthy african-american south-side King Oaks Subdivision where the president of the school board resides.

That’s why we say, “What isn’t in the newspapers is often more newsworthy than what is.”


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