V-Vehicle Progress or More Delay?

Yesterday, The (Monroe) News-Star had a story that seemed to suggest the Department of Energy ATVM loan for V-Vehicle was making progress. The memo says the DOE intends to do an Environmental Assessment for the project.

Our reading of the memo suggests much more red tape that must be cut through before any loan might be approved.

Here is the memo.

You decide.


6 Responses to “V-Vehicle Progress or More Delay?”

  1. Jeff Says:


    I believe that they are actually making some progress moving toward the ATVM Loan Approval. In a discussion with a congressional staffer, I was told that the DOE is reviewing the application and the process is underway. Given the relationship between Congressman Alexander and Mr. Davidson I believe that the federal loan for the V-vehicle is feasible.

  2. Wascator Says:

    Seems to me Mr Davison’s interest in the project is that he leased “V” a building he owns, with an agreement between himself and the State of Louisiana that, should “V” default on the lease, the State will purchase the building from him for a predetermined amount (specified in the lease but not disclosed publicly, as far as I know).
    He almost certainly is businessman enough to grasp the financial realities of this undertaking and not tie himself to it in any other way. His is a win-win situation if I understand the basics of it. In fact, if my understanding is correct, he would probably come out better if the project were to collapse and the State purchase the facility from him. If I don’t have the basics correct, please tell me someone.

  3. Ken Says:

    The longer the delay of the V-vehicle the more this venture smells. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

  4. Jethro Says:

    Yeah, Mr. Davidson is a member of the Commission reviewing higher education. They are drastically cutting higher education. He was constantly led out of the room by Jindal tools, only to come back in to read from notes that made recommendations for 30% cuts. The way I see it, he is transferring funding from higher education to his partially state funded auto plant project. NOT THAT’S TRANSPARENCY.

  5. Ouachita Citizen: March 1 Deadline for V-Vehicle ATVM Loan “may be impossible” « Lincoln Parish News Online Says:

    […] Last week, LPNO had reported that a January 8, 2010 memo from the U. S. Department of Energy notified the Ouachita Parish Police Jury that an Environmental Assessment was needed. We suggested the study could delay the project, instead of being a sign of progress. […]

  6. March 1, 2010 Deadline Looms for V-Vehicle – ATVM Environmental Assessment Not Complete « Lincoln Parish News Online Says:

    […] a DOE Environmental Assessment was underway was revealed in a January 8, 2010 memo to the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality. A copy of the memo was sent to the […]

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