About the Kay Katz Seat

Come next year’s state elections, the Louisiana House District 16 seat will be open. The current occupant, Republican Kay Katz is term-limited and can’t run for re-election.

So who is running?

Informed sources have come up with a few names. There is Paul Hurd, a Monroe attorney who has sought office before. Also mentioned is Ruth Ulrich, a Republican activist.

Another name is Police Juror Shane Smiley. Smiley is the OPPJ President and was elected in ’07. His high-profile support for the the controversial V-Vehicle project could be problematic. His signature is on the agreement secretly negotiated that obligated taxpayers to pay millions for that project.

And what of Katz? Does she retire or try for an area Senate seat? And remember, the districts as currently drawn will change after this year’s census and subsequent redistricting.

Mix all this in with the upcoming legislative session, state budget cuts and general unhappiness of the electorate, and you have guaranteed excitement for the next year or two.


3 Responses to “About the Kay Katz Seat”

  1. heyhoseb Says:

    Hurd won’t make it. Ulrich was trying to get going when she was trounced by Guice for the BESE seat. Smiley is probably the front runner with strong political ties, especially in District 16.

  2. Walter Abbott Says:



    Ulrich was defeated in a bid for the open District 5 seat on the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education in the November 17, 2007, general election. She polled 49,818 votes (48 percent) to Democrat Keith K. Guice’s 54,550 (52 percent).[1]

  3. heyhoseb Says:

    Closer than expected….what does she do for a living?

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