Forgotston, Biersmith Bow Out of Senate Race

C. B. Forgotston, Hammond, LA-based Government Watchdog and NewsBlogger, said today he was not running for the U. S. Senate seat from Louisiana this year. In a statement, Forgoston said, “I am officially NOT running for the U.S. Senate this fall.” He added, “I had hoped not to be put in this position again. Frankly, I thought the practice of announcing what one was NOT going to do would stop.” Forgotston had several times in the past declined to run for office after media inquiries as to his plans.

Also, Monroe, LA-based NewsBlogger Ed Biersmith said today in an interview he also was not interested in the race. Biersmith is the Publisher and Editor of the wildly popular news WebLog Ouachita Parish News Online. Biersmith was quoted as saying, “Absolutley not!” when asked about rumors that he might make the race.

OPNO, which tags itself as “An Unusually Reliable News Source,” has for the past few days been covering the corruption trial of former Delhi Mayor Mike Thompson in Federal Court in Monroe. Thompson is the brother of Louisiana State Senate District 34’s Francis Thompson.


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