Ouachita Parish Taxpayers: BOHICA

Beware Ouachita Parish taxpayers: bend over, here it comes again from the Ouachita Parish Police Jury. From the Ouachita Citizen, this Scott Rogers article:

The financial situation at the Ouachita Parish Police Jury Public Works Department is deteriorating, and the police jury may need to revisit how the department is funded.

Public Works is funded by a one-cent sales tax, which is dedicated to road construction and maintenance. Sales tax revenue for 2009 was $5.9 million. The projected sales tax revenue for the 2010 fiscal year is $5.4 million.

Anyone that can’t figure out where this is headed isn’t paying attention.


6 Responses to “Ouachita Parish Taxpayers: BOHICA”

  1. Wascator Says:

    My opinion is there should be by constitutioinal amendment a maximum fixed limit on the per centage of income that government can take: X% federel; Y% State, Z%local. If individual income is down for whatever reason, government should have to reduce costs correspondingly, even if they ave to stop doing something. After all , if we the people can only afford less, than that’s all we can afford, no matter how great it would be if we could afford it.. That’s what we have to do at home. The alternative of the individual is to rob a liquor store, which I guess is the individual equivalent of what Government does: rob the individual taxpayer at gunpoint.

  2. JohnMartin Says:

    There is a very effective method of controlling local government spending in Louisiana. You call it a referendum. Taxes to pay for government operations are limited to ten year durations whether sales or ad avlorem. Those tied to debt, i.e. bond issues, stay in effect only until the bonded indebtedness is paid. If the voters don’t approve it by a majority vote, there is no tax.

    I know some of you look to the west and Texas as such a great example of conservatism. But in Texas, public bodies can raise operational millages without a referendum.

    But the real question is how the Hell do you think local government will maintain the roads for some of you goofuses to get to the next TEA Party without having money from a tax source?

  3. Wascator Says:

    The point is not “where do we get roads?”. This is beyond that. The people have lost control of government, mostly through their lack of vigilance; this is the larger issue. Cut the money off to regain the attention of politicians and government in general. Then we will see about what is really needed and what is not.
    Politicians trot out the same argument every time the taxpayer squeals: “What about roads (or schools, or blah blah blah)?” They use this as a cover for all the things government gets involved in, which they should not be involved in. If they would concentrate on the legitimate, constitutional role of government in the US, this would not be an issue.

  4. JohnMartin Says:

    Wasgator is typical of most folks in this part of the country…they sit around bitchin’ with their buddies over where they get the most coffee for a buck and have rarely if ever attended a local public body meeting. For the most part they only get interested this time of the year when after getting their tax notices. They get so upset, they can hardly climb a deer stand or hold the rifle steady enough for a clean hit.

    By the time they pay that tax bill, the budgeting for police juries, municipalities and school boards is over. Those on a July 1-June 30 fiscal year crank up the budget process about the time the fish really start biting in the Spring. The others that use a calendar year start about the time dove season opens. In either case, the fishing and hunting take priority.

    But the bitchin’ never stops!

    Wasgator is very tyical of the background of new members elected to local governing bodies. After about four years, they have the path to the restroom down and finally have realized their predecessors weren’t such a bunch of communist/socialist spendthrifts after all.

    Let the elections begin!!!!

  5. Wascator Says:

    Hays, is that you? Hey, you could not be more wrong. Not only do I not specialize in “huntin’ n fishin'”, I have held elective office and do have a clue. I just follow the lead of the founders is fearing an overpowering, overreaching government, and recognize the meaning and value of the Constitution.
    And it’s Wascator, not wasgator; you’ll never figure that one out, either.

  6. JohnMartin Says:

    Whatchagator was probably a one termer who never did learn the path to the restroom and had falling bladder capacity in his old age….

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