Government, Media Flak for Imaginary Car

The ArkLaMiss news media has partnered with state government to promote a product that no one in the public has seen.

Yesterday, the Louisiana Department of Economic Development launched a website promoting the controversial V-Vehicle Company car that is supposed to be built in the old GM Guide Plant in Monroe.

KNOE-TV had this story. Then there was the obligatory story in The (Monroe) News-Star with mostly made-up facts. The Ouachita Citizen reports about an upcoming talk at the Chamber of Commerce by a V-Vehicle official and public forum scheduled for Oct 8.

None of the Old Media has asked any significant questions about how nearly 1/2 billion in taxpayer money is spent or who is to receive it.

Lincoln Parish News Online has reported extensively and comprehensively on the V-Vehicle project.

One Response to “Government, Media Flak for Imaginary Car”

  1. Fed-up Fed Says:

    Mr. Abbott—I have neither the time nor the inclination to go into this issue, but as a Texan who is interested in what happens in my old native state I do have an isolated thought. First, congratulations on your blog and for trying to save the taxpayers some money. As for the V-Car, wouldn’t it be surprising if someone, say Mr. Davison, would purchase the Saturn car from GM and try to manufacture it in the Monroe plant? I wonder how much money the Louisiana Pols would be willing to fork out for that project. Not much probably. but then we’ve seen that car. As you point out, nobody has yet seen the V-Car but then they probably don’t want us to until the powers that be have their money and have fled that field of finance. Ain’t life grand!

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