Don’t Fence me In

For the past few days, the ArkLaTex media has worked itself into a veritable frenzy over a fence at Grambling State University President Horace Judson’s crib.

Last Thursday’s (Monroe) News-Star said the fence cost $158 thousand and that it had become a point of controversy in these tight budget times. Then KNOE-TV aired two separate stories, including an interview with Judson. And yesterday, The Ruston Daily Leader chimed in.

Seawall for Cofer’s Crib

Yet nary a peep out of any of these media outlets about the seawall at ULM President James Cofer’s crib. Save a story in the Ouachita Citizen and here at LPNO, nothing has been aired or written.

If we were Horace Judson, we would be pointing this out to the other media.

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