Tax Appeals at Lincoln Police Jury Tomorrow

Almost a dozen tax assessment appeals will be on the agenda for a special meeting of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury tomorrow afternoon at 4 pm in the third floor meeting room at the Lincoln Parish Court House. The Jury acts as Board of Review for property tax assessment appeals.

Among the larger of the appeals is JP Morgan Chase wants the 400 North Trenton Building assessment to be cut from $2.2 million to $1.6 million. They ask that the North Service Road building to be revalued from $400 thousand to $330 thousand.

Health South is appealing the valuation of their 1401 Ezell Street facility and asking that it be reduced from $12.8 million to $8.2 million.

CDM Resource Management and Enerven Compression Services are asking that their assessments be reduced by $2 million and $340 thousand, respectively. CDM’s assessment is now $6.3 million and Enerven’s is $943 thousand.

Also on the agenda is the renewal (or not) of Weyerhaeuser’s tax exemption for their Laminated Veneer Lumber mill at Simsboro. The issue was tabled at the August 11 Police Jury Meeting. The plant is currently idled.

This will be the first occasion for LPNO to see the process of tax assessment appeals. It will be interesting to see how our elected officials treat the citizens who foot the bill for government versus how they treat those who show up at meetings with their hands out.

6 Responses to “Tax Appeals at Lincoln Police Jury Tomorrow”

  1. Wascator Says:

    Well, I can tell you it will be pretty much over before it begins, the Jury is not going to challenge Pam Jones’s assessment unless some serious legal stink starts getting thrown around.

  2. Walter Abbott Says:

    Perhaps. But if they just go through the motions and give the taxpayers no fair hearing, then we will write about it and then we shall all know.

    BTW, we should have some documentation on the old County Market Building. We had requested a copy of the buy/sell agreement.

  3. Rebecca Webb Says:

    I got two votes!!! Or I should state that Mrs. Jones had two votes against her! Which I must say is more than I expected. Next step, the state. I used my neighbors in my last appeal and in response, the tax assessor raised their taxes too! One residence by $28,000, and after the listed August 28, 2009 appeal date. Shame on you, Mrs. Jones. This time I used the Police Jury members’ assessments to show how unfairly I am being treated, will she raise theirs also? I’ve done the math for her. Time will tell, too late this year, Mrs. Jones. If anyone is interested in my paperwork, I’ll be willing to share. (I really, really don’t want anyone’s taxes to go up, I just want fairness across the board, but according to one juror, I was wrong using them as a barometer for fairness!!) My taxes went up 38% in 2008, Mrs. Bordelon’s (Chief Deputy Assessor) went down -2.82% (bigger house, bigger lot). Mrs. Jones states “apples to oranges”. Yep! Bordelon’s 2111 sq ft. house sits on 3.98 acres; my 1585 sq ft house sits on .34. Bordelon’s is assessed at $105,836. Mine at $127,236. Even though Mrs. Jones denies this, she (and Bordelon and another staff member) has told me “the smaller the lot, the more expensive it is” last year and this year, apparently so, Mrs. Jones, and my paperwork proves it. I had the most expensive property in the whole room. Call up Bordelon or Jones, ask them why, and good luck with that. I’ll post the outcome of the state’s decision ASAP.

    • Walter Abbott Says:

      We will be in contact with you later today. I’m particularly interested in Jones’ recent re-appraisal of adjacent properties after your first appeal.

  4. Wascator Says:

    I know there’s a home in my district that is on the tax rolls for what it cost to build in 1974; it’s value today is 3X mine, and mine is on the rolls at what it cost in 2000. If I say anything, though, they will just raise the assessment on the other home; mine is valued about right, so I just let it go. Probably a lot of this parish-wide. It’s sometimes because the owner knows hot to and is willing to raise hell about their assessment, sometimes it’s probably an honest error.

  5. Tax Appeal Tales « Lincoln Parish News Online Says:

    […] Lincoln Parish Police Jury meeting was interesting – the tax appeals that we had picked to be contentious were not. No one showed up to make their case. But a couple of other folks did show and they had […]

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