Public Records Flap at Lincoln School Board

The Lincoln Parish Schools Central Office staff got a lesson today about Louisiana’s Public Records Law, RS 44:1, et seq. Late this morning, Lincoln Parish News Online went by the Central Office to pick up a copy of the meeting agenda for next Tuesday nights meeting on September 8. Seeing the document posted on the front door as required by the law, we anticipated no problem obtaining a copy. However, when we asked at the front desk for a copy, we were advised by Director of Instruction and Personnel Mary Null that it was not “policy” to give out copies of the agenda until the Board Members had seen it. We told her that as a public document, the law explicitly required that it be available for copying or examination, particularly so since it was publicly posted. Still, she refused.

We proceeded to the Court House where in an impromptu meeting with District Attorney Bob Levy, we asked that he phone the Central Office and make them aware of the law, which he did.

After lunch, we returned to the Central Office and visited briefly with Superintendent Danny Bell and obtained a copy of the agenda.

School Board Agenda for 09/08/2009

On the agenda is item 6.1, a resolution providing for the issuance of about $5 million of revenue bonds to be used for construction. We had reported on the bonds last month.

Also of interest is the proposed budget which will be presented at a 5:30 Finance Committee Meeting.

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    […] Two months ago, we had some difficulty in obtaining the School Board Meeting Agenda for an upcoming meeting. Thanks to the efforts of Third Judicial District Attorney Bob Levy, school system administrators were persuaded to obey the law. […]

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