How Louisiana Can Save Money

In The (Baton Rouge) Advocate today, the story is about ideas for cutting costs.

Here’s three more ideas for Baton Rouge to consider.

Remember the ULS Board meeting a couple of weeks ago at the Paragon Casino Resort? Don’t do that any more.

And guess who’s meeting at the resort this week? The Department of Education is hosting a “Retreat” for all the state’s school superintendents and other assorted deadheads.

And if the State of Louisiana has $125,000 to piss away on a seawall for the ULM President’s crib, can anyone else in government take seriously other cost-cutting edicts?

A related story from our friends at Biggs-Bullets.

One Response to “How Louisiana Can Save Money”

  1. Wascator Says:

    Mississippi’s budget is $6 billion, Louisiana’s is $26 B or thereabouts. No one is even trying to save any money. It is obvious.

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