Cofer’s Crib Has New “Seawall”

University of Monroe at Louisiana’s President James Cofer has a new seawall along Bayou DeSiard to spruce up his crib, Bon Aire.

Bon Aire Seawall
Bon Aire Seawall along Bayou DeSiard

In today’s Ouachita Citizen, Scott Rogers reports that construction of the seawall cost $125,000 and that some of the cost might be reimbursed by FEMA, according to Jason Roubique, ULM’s Director of Facilities Management. Reportedly, the wall is constructed of stone and topped with flowerbeds.

6 Responses to “Cofer’s Crib Has New “Seawall””

  1. ULM to Cut Three Majors « Lincoln Parish News Online Says:

    […] there is money to piss away on a seawall for ULM President James Cofer’s crib and for the ULS Board to meet at a luxury casino […]

  2. Z Says:

    Why are you so concerned with Dr. Cofer? Do you wish you were where he is at? Or are you simply a bored, bitter person?
    Do not even bother answering…

    I feel sorry for you either way.

  3. Walter Abbott Says:

    We are interested in Cofer because he has been a disaster for the institution from which friends graduated. It was thought impossibile that someone could be a worse disaster than Swearingen.

    But the impossible happened.

    We hold the ULS Board responsible. They are charged with supervision of the institution, yet are failing miserably.

    And now the very existence of the institution might be in question.

    And further, we are interested because it is OUR tax money that is being squandered on seawalls and cribs. Money that wouldn’t even exist were it not for the private sector. A private sector which produces the wealth upon which people like Cofer and Swearingen exist.

    See our mission statement should you want to know more about how we feel about things.

  4. Don’t Fence me In « Lincoln Parish News Online Says:

    […] the seawall at ULM President James Cofer’s crib. Save a story in the Ouachita Citizen and here at LPNO, nothing has been aired or […]

  5. fotos.david Says:

    plantations traditionally face the water which would have provided a better scene for the bayou and most traffic.
    how much would it cost to turn it around so it would be a proper plantation as in the brochure. the rear looks like any modern home. great pic though.

  6. Mister Roberts – Right Here at ULM? « Lincoln Parish News Online Says:

    […] gems in the offending piece: Ask if they (students) would rather see alumni donate money for the monstrosity of a house Cofer is living in, for free, or if there were better things to spend that money on. These cuts are […]

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