V-Vehicle Editorials – Three Views

This morning, we have two editorials on the V-Car controversy and two different viewpoints.

The (Monroe) News-Star writes that Ouachita voters should vote for a 1.8 mil property tax to fund local grants for the company. This is no surprise – The News-Star has almost never met a tax it didn’t like. Executive Editor Kathy Spurlock and Managing Editor Ken Stickney both have spouses that have taxpayer funded positions.

In contrast, The (Baton Rouge) Advocate writes that the entire deal is too secretive to make an informed decision. Last week that newspaper had a front-page story detailing what isn’t known.

And finally, what may be a partial answer to how the Ouachita African-American voters may decide on the tax. AA voters make up about 1/3 of the vote in the Parish.

The Monroe Free Press wrote in an editorial on June 25 that “Increasing any taxes should be a last resort.” The Free Press bills itself as “The Voice of the Monroe Area African-American Community,” and is published by Roosevelt Wright, Jr. The paper went on to say, “…city fathers should think long and hard about asking for property tax increases to fund this deal.”

Stay tuned.


One Response to “V-Vehicle Editorials – Three Views”

  1. Wascator Says:

    I can’t believe people can be so gullible, so vulnerable to things like this that come along. I predict the V-Car will be at best a financial failure, at worst a disaster and a scandal. All at taxpayers’ expense, of course. As has been pointed out, lots of 4-wheel ATVs sell fro $10,000 or more, what kind of car do you expect to get? Maybe a car like the late Ford Aspire: “Aspires to be a car”, but really wasn’t.

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