Sammy Hanna’s Take on KEDM

This morning, The Ouachita Citizen has this story on the firing of KEDM’s Sunny Meriwether. It looks like the official line a ULM is to build a Wall of Silence and hope it all blows over.

Tonight at 6 pm, Tonore’s Wine Cellar is hosting a Beer Tasting at which presumably will be various KEDM supporters.

Lincoln Parish News Online will be there, and will report reaction to the controversy.

John Hays’ Morning Paper (email or snail mail subscription only) is planning a front-page story for tomorrow’s edition, we are told.

What this is all about is government silencing voices they can’t control. Just as the Church was horrified at the prospect of Johan Guetenberg’s movable type machine printing Bibles for the masses, the Powers That Be at ULM cannot countenance dissension on campus.

Even when protected by the First Amendment.

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