News-Star Webcasts Infomercial for V-Car Tax

Earlier today, The (Monroe) News-Star webcast an interview with OPPJ District E Juror and President Shane Smiley.

It was an infomercial masquerading as an interview.

Among the points Smiley addressed in the 30 minute session were:

The fifteen year term of the tax was designated by the bond attorney.
The Jury needed a bank commitment to buy the bonds before calling the tax election to fund them.
A sales tax was not feasible as the parish is capped by state law at 10% and there wasn’t time to get legislative approval to raise the cap.
The mayors of Monroe and West Monroe believed a sales tax would be harder to win voter approval.

To view the full infomercial, you will need to click on the menu tag of the viewing screen, then select browse on-demand library and then click on the July 22 webcast.

Most of the questions were asked by News-Star Managing Editor Ken Stickney and Executive Editor Kathy Spurlock. Both Spurlock and Stickney have spouses whose jobs are paid by tax dollars, as reported earlier by Lincoln Parish News Online.

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