Monroe Riverboat Casino “Dead”

Sources have told Lincoln Parish News Online that plans to move a casino riverboat from the Shreveport-Bossier gambling market to Monroe are “dead.” The sources said Gov. Bobby Jindal sent word to the area that the project was not happening, in accordance with his opposition to gambling expansion while he was governor.

One source also said that polls recently run in the Ouachita Parish region showed little public support for such a plan.

Anti-gambling forces in the Slidell area chastised Jindal for his tepid public profile during a recent effort to move a New Orleans casino riverboat to the Lake Pontchartrain Northshore area earlier this year. The plan was called off after area residents organized to oppose the plan.

Earlier today, Lincoln Parish News Online attended a meeting of the Monroe Downtown Economic Development District. That group had several years ago led an effort to bring a riverboat casino to Monroe.

Asked if their group had renewed their push for gambling, DEDD President Wayne Williamson said no. However, he said, “Under the right circumstances I would favor it.”

LPNO did uncover evidence that DEDD had a special meeting that discussed gambling where no minutes were kept and apparently no public notification was made. Various tasks were assigned and riverboat gaming was assigned to Williamson and DEDD Executive Director Myra Gatling.

Asked about it, neither Williamson or Gatling could recall the date or place of the meeting.

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