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Ruston Mayor’s Race Financials


Today we have the financial reports of the two candidates for Mayor of Ruston – Bill Elmore and Ronny Walker.

Bill Elmore

Contributions: $37,585
Loans: $7,500 (All from candidate to campaign)
Total Receipts: $45,410

Expenditures: $30,313

Major contributors:

Callie Parkman, Ruston $1,000
Cher Taffaro, Belle Chasse, LA – $1,000
Clements Enterprises, Homer – $1,000
Drew Radescich – $1,000
G & C Construction, Ruston – $1,000
George Parkman, Ruston – $1,000
Hampton Inn, Ruston – $1,000
Jack Humphries, Ruston – $1,000
Joseph Dickson, Ruston – $1,000
LGE Properties, Ruston – $1,000
Lincoln Capital, Ruston – $1,000
Lyndon Dawson, Ruston – $1,000
Nungesser Land Co, Belle Chasse, LA – $1,000
Richard Cox, Northport, AL – $1,000
Sam Holland, Ruston – $1,000
Stanley Williams, Ft Worth, TX – $1,000
Startel – $1,000
William Nungesser, Belle Chasse, LA – $1,000
Willow Glen, Ruston – $1,000

Significant Expenditures:

Angie McGaugh (Campaign event) – $2,100
Brian Fletcher (Advertisement supplies) – $1,172
Rapid Signs (Signs) – $13,237
Redprint Strategy (Strategy) – $2,984
Ruston Daily Leader (Advertising) – $2,808
The Political Firm (Strategy) – $1,128

See here the complete report.

Ronny Walker

Contributions – $52,575
Loans – $4,000 (All from the candidate)
Total Receipts – $56,575

Major contributors:

Bill Autry, Simsboro – $1,000
Terri Autry, Simsboro – $1,000
Kerry Banks, Choudrant – $1,000
Jason Bullock, Ruston – $1,000
Frank Cordaro, Ruston – $1,000
Bill Hogan, Ruston – $1,000
John Hood, Ruston – $1,000
Karl Malone, Ruston – $1,000
Kay Malone, Ruston – $1,000
Cherrie Mays, Ruston – $1,000
Dicky Nealy, Ruston – $1,000
Neal Patel, Ruston – $1,000
Larry Popp, Ruston – $1,000
Peter Richardson, Ruston – $1,000
Tom Sumrall, Ruston – $1,000
Jim Worthy, Ruston – $1,000
Gary Warren, Eugene, OR – $1,000
First National Bancshares, Ruston – $1,000
Lee Robbins, Ruston – $1,000
Walter Pullin, Ruston – $1,000

Significant Expenditures:

Donnie Bell Design, Ruston (Website design) – $5,301
Kacee Sugar & Spice, Ruston (Catering) – $10,127
Tommy’s Tees, Ruston (T shirts) – $9,628
Patricia Willis, Ruston (HQ rental) $4,000
Regional Consulting, Ruston (Gary Stokely, consulting) $7,500

See here the complete report.

Big Political Event Tomorrow Evening @ Tech


The Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and LaTech SGA will host a Mayoral Debate on October 16, 2014. Questions to be presented to the two mayoral candidates, Bill Elmore for Ruston Mayor 2014 and Ronny Walker for Mayor of Ruston, 2014 have been submitted by Chamber members and LA Tech Student Government Association.

Here is your chance to meet the candidates for Mayor, District Attorney, District Judge, US Rep, School Board, City Council and many others. Then the City of Ruston Mayoral Candidates Ronny Walker and Bill Elmore will have a debate over issues that affect your business in Ruston.

6-7 p.m. – All 2014 local, state, and national candidates will have an opportunity to connect with our community members at a Meet & Greet type in University Hall on LA Tech campus. Hors d’oeuvres will be served.

Meet & Greet participants:

Mayor of Ruston
Bill Elmore
Ronny Walker

Alderman, Ruston, Dist. 1
Fred Blake Sr.
Carolyn Elmore Cage
Glenda Howard

Alderman, Ruston, Dist. 2
Sharonda Cage Hatter for Ruston Board of Aldermen
Rosalind Jones
Angela Mayfield

Alderman, Ruston, Dist.4
Judi Null for Ruston City Board of Aldermen
Re-elect Jim Pearce Ward 4 Ruston City Council

Alderman, Ruston, Dist. 5
Marie Riggs
Bruce Siegmund
Maurice White for Ruston Board of Aldermen

Ruston City Marshal
Sandy L. Freeman for Ruston City Marshal
Jim Liner for Ruston City Marshal

District Judge, 3rd Judicial Dist., Div. B
Lewis Jones for Judge
Tyler Storms for Judge
Tommy Rogers for Judge

District Attorney, Lincoln & Union Parishes
John Belton for District Attorney
Cary Brown for DA

Public Service Commissioner, Dist. 5
Foster Campbell

5th Congressional District for Congress
Ralph Abraham for Congress
Harris Brown
Vance McAllister

US Senate
Bill Cassidy
Tom Clements for US Senate
William Waymire, Jr.

7-8:30 p.m. – We’ll move into the Howard Auditorium for the mayoral debate. There will also be an opportunity for audience members to submit questions prior to the start of the event.

Also join us on Twitter – @RustonChamber #VoteLocal

This is a free event, everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!

Justice for Murder Victim Sue Hashaway Delayed Again

Dr. Sue Hashaway

Dr. Sue Hashaway

It appears that Lincoln Parish citizens will have to wait until after November’s election before any more action will be taken in the case of State v Cameron Mays, who is accused of second degree murder in the home invasion and robbery of retired Grambling State University (GSU) professor Dr. Sue Hashway, 63.

A status conference set for 1:30 PM today, was this morning upset and refixed until December 9, 2014, Lincoln Parish News Online has learned.

We were scheduled to be in court this afternoon to report, but learned of the delay before noon. Apparently, the delay was granted in court this morning.

The status conference was originally set for 8/26/14, but John Belton, the Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) Assistant District Attorney who is lead prosecutor in the case, was in discussions with the crime lab over some issues not yet clear, it was said at the time.

Belton is running for Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Attorney.

Hashaway was killed nearly 2 1/2 years ago, in early June 2012, in the normally quiet Cypress Springs neighborhood of Ruston. Mays was also charged in another home invasion and rape that occurred in the same neighborhood.

Third JD (Lincoln, Union) Judge’s Race Finance Reports


Here are the contributions and expenditures for the three candidates in the race for Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Judge, Division B.

Lewis Jones

Contributions: $10,184
Loans: $92,395 (All loans are from canditate)
Total: $102,579

Expenditures: $60,810

Major Contributions:

Hampton & Frazier Attorneys, Farmerville – $1,000
Kay Malone, Ruston – $2,000

Major Expenditures:

Donnie Bell Designs, Ruston (Website) – $8,800
Rapid Signs, Ruston, (Signs) – $14,300
Left Right Strategies, Ruston (Geoffrey Middleton, Heath Hattaway), Consulting – $17,600
Market Research Insight, Gulf Breeze, FL (Research) – $4,000
Tommy’s Tees, Ruston, (Shirts) $5,000

Here is the complete 10/6/14 report.

Tommy Rogers

Contributions: $40,050
Loans: $37,905 (All loans are from canditate)
Total: $77,955

Expenditures: $60,461

Major Contributions:

Cindy Clark, Ruston – $1,000
Bill Hogan, Ruston – $1,000
Alex Hunt, Jr, Ruston, – $1,000
Trott Hunt, Ruston, – $2,500
Anne Kilpatrick, Ruston – $1,000
Don McGehee, Ruston, – $1,000
Mrs. L. D. Napper, Ruston – $1,000
Bill Rodgers, Ruston – $1,000
James Sheppard, Ruston – $1,000
Robert Temple, Ruston – $1,000

Major Expenditures:

Earl Albritton, Ruston (Consulting) – $6,850
Creative Communications, Baton Rouge (Polling) – $6,250
Tommy’s Tees, Ruston (Shirts, etc) – $3,945
Bell Designs, Ruston (Website, advertising) – $15,480
Jordan Hamilton, Farmerville (Consulting) – $2,350
Rapid Signs, Ruston – $11,715
Regional Consulting Services, Ruston (Gary Stokely, survey) – $7,000

Here is the complete 10/2/14 report.

Tyler Storms

Contributions: $38,422
Total: $38,422

Expenditures: $29,008

Major Contributions:

Tyler Storms, Ruston – $19,072
Sam & Judy Bayliss, Marshall, TX – $1,000
Linda Storms, Ruston – $2,500
Ronny & Judy Graham, Ruston – $1,000
Danny & Kate Graham, Ruston – $1,000
Rene Giles, Choudrant – $1,000
Gertha Giles, Choudrant – $1,000
Richard Storms, Ruston, – $2,500

Major Expenditures:

The Farmerville Gazette (Advertising) – $1,880
The Ruston Daily Leader (Advertising) – $2,130
Godley Works, Ruston (Radio advertising) – $4,680
Tommy’s Tees, Ruston (Shirts, signs, etc) – $15,660

Here is the complete 10/3/14 report.

Nearly Half of Belton Contributions from Outside District


Nearly half – about 43% – of the contributions to John Belton’s candidacy for Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Attorney came from addresses that are not within those two parishes, the campaign finance documents show. By our count, 57 of 133 contributors have addresses that are outside Lincoln or Union Parish.

See here Belton’s 10/6/2014 report.

Cary Brown’s report shows 25 of 318 contributions outside the district – about 8%.

See here Brown’s 10/6/2014 report.

Belton, Brown Campaign Finance Docs – 3rd JDDA (Lincoln, Union)


Today we have the campaign finance reports for the two candidates for Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Attorney – John Belton and Cary Brown.

Belton shows about $45.8 thousand in contributions and $94.2 thousand in loans (all from himself and his wife Alana to the campaign), for a total of $140 thousand in receipts. He reports $133 thousand in expenditures.

Among the significant contributors:

Dollar Law Firm, Monroe – $2,500
Randy Ewing, Ruston – $1,000
Royal Restaurants, LLC (John Belton), Ruston – $2,500
The Vested Group, LLC (John Belton), Ruston – $2,500
BJ & Fran Simon, Baytown, TX – $1,000
Louisiana Bancshares, Arcadia (Brian Woodard) – $2,500
AAMAGIN 1, LLC, Baton Rouge (W. J. Belton) – $1,000
Belton & Belton, PLC (John Belton), Ruston – $2,300
Jason Peters, No address – $1,500
Don McGhee, Ruston – $2,400 (In-kind, rent)

Here are the significant expenditures:

QuestComm Communications, Ruston (Eric Mahaffey) – $29,600
Left/Right Strategies, Ruston (Geoffrey Middleton, Heath Hattaway)- $5,800
Regional Consulting Services (Gary Stokley), Ruston – $3,500
Preston Strickland, Ruston – $3,000
James Bush, Ruston – $6,500
M. R. S., Ruston – $7,300
Marketing Research Insight, Ruston – $4,000

Additionally, there are numerous expenditures for signs, t-shirts, and print advertising.

See here the complete report.

Brown’s report shows $111.9 thousand in contributions and $9.4 thousand in loans (all from Brown to his campaign), for a total of $121.3 thousand in receipts. He has spent $74.2 thousand as of 9/25.

Significant contributions:

Trott Hunt, Ruston – $2,500
Bill Brown, Downsville – $2,600
Billy Brown, Collierville, TN – $2,500
Bruce Hampton, Farmerville – $2,500
Danny Graham, Ruston – $1,000
Earlene Jackson, Ruston – $2,500
Enviro Services, LLC, Farmerville (Leslie Towns, Jered Ramsey) – $1,000
John & Vergie Shealy, Dubach – $1,000
Johnny Gaudet, Ruston, $1,000
Linda Brown, Ruston, $2,500
Melissa Whitworth, Choudrant, $2,500
Michael & Kelly Washam, Corpus Christi, TX – $1,000
Andrew Whitworth, Choudrant – $2,500
Kim Billberry, Dubach – $1,900
Cary Brown, Ruston – $6,000
Jeremy Clark, Ruston – $1,000
Hampton & Fraizer Attorneys, Farmerville (Bruce Hampton) – $2,500
Curtis Page, Bastrop – $1,350
John Crow, Farmerville – $1,100
LSM Gaming, Shreveport (Joseph Storey) – $1,000
Lavalle Solomon, Monroe – $1,000
Danny Austin, Choudrant, – $1,000
Marshall Sanson, West Monroe – $2,000
Heritage Realty, Ruston (Robyn Brown) – $1,570 (In-kind postage and supplies)
Tony Billberry, Dubach – $2,250 (In-kind banquet room and food)

Significant Expenditures:

Classic Designs, Ruston (t-shirts) – $3,650
Donnie Bell Design, Ruston (Website) – $3,600
Kelson Investments, Farmerville (Stephen Kelly, Office rent) – $3,200
Wade & Perry, CPA, Ruston (Campaign accounting) – $1,800
Munson Group, Alexandria (Robert Munson, consulting) – $5,000
Hot Rod Barbeque, Ruston (Food) – $2,175
Lincoln Hall, Ruston (Banquet Room) – $2,250
Tommy’s Tees, Ruston (Signs) – $4,000
Lee Baby’s Fish & Seafood, Farmerville (Food) – $1,170

There were several thousand dollars in newspaper advertising, with the Ruston Daily Leader and Farmville Gazette, and numerous expenditures for miscellaneous supplies and campaign trinkets.

See here the complete report.

Downtown Ruston Parking Rules Change


Last night’s meeting of the Ruston City Council saw rule changes to parking time limits and fines, via an ordinance that was unanimously adopted.

The new time limit is three hours, instead of two, and the fine is now $25, instead of $5. Also, added to the streets that will limited are the west side of Monroe Street across from the “boardwalk,” and West Park Avenue.

See here the ordinance.

Several business owners and citizens made comments about the changes, some noting sidewalk and lighting issues, and others speaking for the ordinance.

District Four Alderman Jim Pearce said that he appreciated the citizen input. He noted that there are several public parking lots near to downtown, and all are within a two to three minute walk.

Said Pearce, “Nothing was over a three minute walk, to walk to these places.”

Also, the council approved resolutions to begin engineering and design on a couple of water and sewer improvement projects.

One is for the water system in the Roberts Street/Snowden Street area off West Barnett Springs. The other is sewer work in the West California Avenue/South Monroe Street area.

The projects are set to begin in the spring and summer of next year.

The board approved unanimously changes to the zoning code.

See here the changes.

Ruston City Council Monday


Ruston’s Board of Aldermen will meet Monday, October 6, 5:30 PM, Ruston City Hall, 401 North Trenton, first floor courtroom.

Here is the agenda.

An ordinance for several budget amendments to the 2013-2014 budget that will be introduced.

See here the list.

Also, there are several other budget amendments that are to be considered for adoption.

See here the list.

DA Candidates Tout Supporters


Last week, John Belton, candidate for District Attorney of the Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) sent invitations for a campaign reception with names of supporters/hosts.
Belton 100214r1
Over the weekend, candidate Cary Brown responded with his own list of supporters.

Cary Brown 9.28.14 Supporters

Street Dedication Revoked


A street right-of-way that had since 1905 been dedicated to the construction of East Street near the Eagle Drive I-20 overpass was revoked unanimously by the Ruston City Council at Monday night’s meeting. Ruston businessman James Davison owns property adjacent to the right-of-way that he plans to develop, according to the application.

See here the document.

Additonally, the plans call for the now dead-end Center street extension to turn north, and then tie in to the I-20 South Service Road just west of Eagle Drive.

However, another property owner in the area, Rodney Driggers, objected, saying the plan to abandon the right-of-way would cut off access to his property.

Said Driggers, “I had built 350 feet of East Street, and it was torn up when they redirected East Street into Willow Glen.” He added, “Eighty percent of that right-on-way, I am on – adjacent to in some way or another. I have six pieces of property that I was trying to develop up at the north end, and its very crucial that I have a right-of-way that goes down through there, if I were to develop the land, which I had planned on doing.”

Driggers was represented by by Shreveport attorney Bernard Johnson, who also spoke.

Representing Davison was attorney Kyle Green, who spoke for the revocation.

Said Green, “There’s no longer a public purpose for this road. Returning this land to private property ownership would put the property back into commerce so it can be developed. And finally, revoking the dedication does not deny access to any landowner.”

The council followed the recommendation of Ruston’s Zoning Commission in revoking the dedication.

In other business, the council introduced a ordinance that would, if adopted, change fines for violation of time limited parking on several city streets.

See here the proposed ordinance.


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